Army TMDE Maintenance Support TechnicianWarrant Officer

918A MOS

Job Detail

Manages and supervises personnel and activities engaged in calibration and repair of Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; monitors and evaluates the performance of contractor personnel performing calibration and repair functions for the Army; serves as Engineering Technician or Maintenance Engineering Technician, involved in calibration equipment or TMDE development and support activities, at a MACOM or sub-MACOM; develops, implements, and monitors programs of instruction that enhance training of other warrant officer and enlisted MOSs.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; integrates TMDE functions across MACOM or Department of the Army levels; provides technical and tactical assistance at any echelon of command or support activity for the Army, or liaison activities with allied armies; presents written or oral briefings to line, staff, and professional personnel on TMDE programs and related subject matters; administers the MOS Life Cycle Management and oversees personnel proponent functions affecting CMF 35, CMF 55 and Branch 91--Ordnance.

Commands a TMDE Maintenance Support Detachment/Team and is responsible for morale, welfare, training, UCMJ, and discipline of assigned personnel; manages and supervises personnel and activities engaged in calibration and repair of Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE), calibration standards, and related instruments and accessories; supervises direct support, general support, and depot level maintenance of all supported TMDE; establishes Standing Operating Procedures and internal policies; manages supply, equipment and personnel assets; coordinates technical, administrative, and logistical interface between the detachment/team, supported units, and unit of attachment; prepares materiel readiness reports and provides input for unit readiness reports; develops, rehearses, and implements load plans and deployment scenarios.; manages Instrument Master Record File (IMRF) for scheduled and supported items of TMDE; develops and manages interservice and intraservice support agreements; serves as system administrator for local Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) systems; including the Calibration Management Information System (CALMIS), workstation controllers, administrative ADPE, and supplementary devices; evaluates specifications and analyzes measurement data to ensure compliance; employs highly specialized test and diagnostic procedures to adjust or repair a broad spectrum of TMDE; interprets technical data to maintain secondary reference and transfer level calibration standards within specified functional capabilities; certifies accuracy of instrumentation and ensures that accuracy is traceable to higher level standards; performs error analysis on measurement systems; evaluates and determines TMDE maintenance support requirements, establishes work priorities, and assigns work to subordinates; formulates techniques and procedures for calibration and repair of unique of complex TMDE; solves unusually complex problems regarding diagnosis and repair; estimates TMDE repair requirements and costs, and determines economic repairability; determines substitutability or fabrication of minor parts and electronic assemblies; interprets, applies, and disseminates administrative, technical, logistical, and supply publications and related data; reviews and develops all technical correspondence and reports; establishes unit safety program; and ensures adherence to safety policies, practices, and regulations associated with electricity, pressurized gases, ionizing radiation, microwave radiation, laser radiation, and mercury handling hazards; observes work practices and ensures correct application of procedures and techniques; supervises the receipt, surveillance, shipping, and use of radiological sources; conducts surveillance inspections in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements; supervises local radiation dosimetry program; instructs personnel in the use of calibration standards and workstations; and the application of specialized test procedures and metrology skills to calibrate TMDE, isolate causes of TMDE failures and malfunctions, and in making repair or modifications; trains personnel to operate and maintain the Calibration Management Information System (CALMIS); prepares and implements a unit Mission Essential Task List (METL); ensures that maintenance schedules are adhered to and that scheduled maintenance programs include regular preventive maintenance checks and services; plans, coordinates, and supervises maintenance programs and activities; implements Army maintenance management policy and The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS); and applies the directive TB 750-25 within internal and support operations; estimates supply requirements and requisitions replacement parts and supplies; supervises maintenance of unit bench and shop stocks; forecasts ammunition requirements; ensures initial, in-process, and final quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures are established and appl

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