Army Automotive Maintenance Warrant OfficerWarrant Officer

915A MOS

Job Detail

Plans, organizes, and allocates resources and facilities to execute maintenance and repair.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; serves as the senior technical advisor to battalion commanders and the staffs of combat arms maneuver battalions and task organized combat arms maneuver formations; assists a combat arms maneuver battalion staff in the planning, coordination, and execution of maintenance support during tactical training and combat operations; provides technical expertise in maintenance doctrine on the battlefield necessary for a combat maneuver battalion or squadron staff to efficiently employ maintenance personnel and equipment in support of the commander's mission; coordinates maintenance support necessary for sustainment of readiness in a combat arms maneuver battalion or squadron; provides input to supporting maintenance unit commanders and their staffs on tactical support requirements peculiar to the combat maneuver battalion or squadron; directs and manages field and sustainment level tank, automotive, and related support equipment repair teams, sections, and platoons in forward support companies, support maintenance companies, and other combat service support units; controls work flow in field and sustainment maintenance shops under his/her control; trains military and civilian repair personnel in correct diagnostics, repair, and quality control procedures on equipment repaired in shops under his/her control; establishes internal controls for requesting, maintaining, and properly disposing of supplies, tools and parts, and technical reference material within shops under his/her control; provides input to the commander for development of internal and external maintenance Standing Operating Procedures (SOP); provides technical advice to the commander on the efficient employment of field and sustainment repair capability in field training and combat environments; employs automated maintenance management systems to improve productivity in shops under his/her control; provides technical advice to supported unit commanders and staff on technical maintenance management and maintenance doctrine; acts as installation, Army Command, or Army maintenance inspection or training team chief; diagnoses complex malfunctions on tank automotive and support equipment when the malfunctions are beyond the capability of subordinates; provides Ordnance related technical and doctrinal expertise to brigade and group level commanders and staffs; serves as Ordnance technical subject matter expert in directorates of combat, materiel, or training development; serves as the senior ground maintenance technical advisor in brigade and group levels of command; assists brigade and group staff in the planning, coordination, and execution of maintenance support; provides technical expertise in maintenance doctrine on the battlefield for brigade and subordinate element level commanders and staff to efficiently employ maintenance personnel and equipment in support of the commanders' mission; manages materiel readiness reporting for brigade and echelons above brigade organizations; performs materiel readiness management duties at sustainment brigade and sustainment command levels; performs research, development, test and evaluation duties; assists in coordination and evaluates maintenance performed by contract support; performs duties in training, combat, and materiel development positions; advises commanders on the progression and utilization of subordinate Ordnance warrant officers.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; administers the MOS Life Cycle Management and oversees personnel proponent functions affecting CMF 94, CMF 89 and Branch 91; serves as the senior technical advisor at the highest echelons of command and to allied armies in all matters pertaining to maintenance and logistics; provides technical advisory services on contracting and production matters to commanders; manages the development of training packages to ensure Army personnel are prepared to maintain new equipment systems prior to fielding; performs other officer level duties as required consistent with senior staff officer responsibilities; serves as assignment manager at Human Resources Command.

Plans, organizes, and allocates resources and facilities to execute maintenance and repair of light and heavy military and commercial wheeled vehicles; light tracked vehicles; wheeled and tracked construction equipment; mobile electric power generation; armament systems; small arms; fire control; ground support equipment and power driven chemical equipment; evaluates and inspects maintenance operations and develops and implements corrective action plans where necessary to comply with regulatory and statutory requirements applicable to industrial maintenance operations in fixed facilities or field environments; identifies technical training deficiencies within the military or civilian work force and develops comprehensive corrective action plans to provide necessary training; personally trains maintenance personnel to accurately diagnose/troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic malfunctions accurately using the latest test equipment, technical publications and procedures available; provides management oversight and technical guidance on the establishment of unit Shop Stock, Bench Stock, and consumable shop supplies per applicable supply calculations; coordinates for, or provides technical training for Army STAMIS system operators; develops and updates the commander's Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) for the conduct of maintenance operations to include: safety, fire prevention and environmental protection and physical security within the maintenance facility; assist the commander in preparation for all external inspections and visits by installation/ACOM safety, fire prevention, and environmental protection agencies; oversees the commander's calibration program and ensures calibration operations are treated as maintenance operations and are covered in the unit's maintenance SOP; oversees the Army Oil Analysis Program to ensure it is in compliance with regulatory requirements; trains and directs recovery vehicle operators in safe and correct recovery operations; utilizes STAMIS to provide maintenance and readiness information to the commander and supervisors; submits Software Engineering Change Proposals to the appropriate agencies when automated maintenance management systems do not function as designed; plans, schedules, and publishes scheduled service plans for all assigned equipment per the applicable technical manuals/lubrication orders; coordinates with the installation/ACOM or AMC, on application of modification work orders on unit equipment; conducts technical inspections of unit equipment to determine maintenance status; this includes CBRN, weapons, communications, ground support equipment, and required sets, kits and outfits (SKOT); manages property accountability for the commander for all equipment used in the performance of maintenance; enforces the maintenance of up to date technical publications for use by maintenance personnel; inspects and verifies that pinpoint distribution accounts are current for all maintenance sections in the unit; establishes the commander's quality assurance program for maintenance and repairs; oversee all quality control inspections and inspectors to validate their capability to identify improper repairs and scheduled services; acts as the commander's Command Inspection Program (CIP) maintenance team chief; personally ensures that the CIP is fair and inspecting to the published standard in all areas associated with equipment maintenance; coordinates with other maintenance activities and external agencies to resolve disagreements and maintenance quality control problems; acts as the unit point of contact for Automated Materiel Status System (AMSS) reporting and issues that arise between the unit, the support operations/distribution management center and Army level.

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