Army Allied Trades Warrant OfficerWarrant Officer

914A MOS

Job Detail

Directs the setup, operation, and maintenance of machine tools and welding equipment.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; manages personnel and activities in field and sustainment level maintenance; serves as the senior ground maintenance technical advisor in brigade and group levels of command; assists brigade and group staff in the planning, coordination, and execution of maintenance support; provides technical expertise in maintenance doctrine on the battlefield for brigade and subordinate element level commanders and staff to efficiently employ maintenance personnel and equipment in support of the commanders' mission; manages materiel readiness reporting for brigade and echelons above brigade organizations; performs materiel readiness management duties at sustainment brigade and sustainment command levels; performs research, development, test and evaluation duties; assists in coordination and evaluates maintenance performed by contract support; performs duties in training, combat, and materiel development positions; advises commanders on the progression and utilization of subordinate Ordnance warrant officers.

Directs the setup, operation, and maintenance of machine tools and welding equipment used to fabricate or repair parts, mechanisms, tools, and machinery; manages automotive body, frame, and hull repair, painting, glass, radiator, canvas, and woodworking shop operations; supervises and conducts recovery operations and maintenance of tracked and wheeled recovery equipment; employs principles of mechanics, metals identification procedures, shop mathematics, and shop layout; establishes and directs the upkeep of shop, stock, repair parts, and maintenance-related items required per applicable regulations; manages quality assurance and production control programs to ensure established work standards are met and repairs are made on a timely basis; establishes training programs to ensure subordinates are qualified in current maintenance techniques and equipment operation; coordinates shop activities with other repair shops to ensure equipment is quickly repaired and returned to user; establishes and conducts a shop safety program per applicable regulations; administers The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; administers the MOS Life Cycle Management and oversees personnel proponent functions affecting CMF 94, CMF 89 and Branch 91; serves as the senior technical advisor at the highest echelons of command and to allied armies in all matters pertaining to maintenance and logistics; provides technical advisory services on contracting and production matters to commanders; manages the development of training packages to ensure Army personnel are prepared to maintain new equipment systems prior to fielding; performs other officer level duties as required consistent with senior staff officer responsibilities; serves as assignment manager at Human Resources Command.

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