Army Land Combat Missile Systems TechnicianWarrant Officer

912A MOS

Job Detail

Employs digital switching theory, logic, computer, mechanical, hydraulic, and infrared fundamentals applicable to the MLRS.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; manages, supervises, directs and monitors DS/GS maintenance section activities and the utilization of Maintenance Support Teams; develops, implements, and monitors programs of instruction that enhance training of other warrant officer and enlisted MOSs; ensures quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures are followed; monitors, identifies, and rectifies anomalies in the requisition life cycle of repair parts requisitions; conducts liaison visits to supported units to determine future support requirements and satisfaction with current support; coordinates between military and industry during development, testing, and fielding of new land combat missile systems and equipment; manages the development of training packages to ensure Army personnel are prepared to operate and maintain the new systems prior to fielding; provides data and technical guidance concerning future requirements, modification work order (MWO), product improvement program (PIP), and related program information that has an impact upon Life Cycle Systems Management (LCSM) of land combat missile systems; provides technical and tactical assistance at any echelon of command or support activity for the U.S. Army, or liaison activities with allied armies; presents written or oral briefings to line, staff, and professional personnel on maintenance or related subject matters.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; monitors, coordinates, and analyzes contracting, procurement, and material acquisition programs for new and existing land combat missile systems; administers the MOS Life Cycle Management and oversees personnel proponent functions affecting CMF 35, CMF 55 and Branch 91 Ordnance.

Employs digital switching theory, logic, computer, mechanical, hydraulic, and infrared fundamentals applicable to the MLRS, TOW, TOW2, Bradley Fighting Vehicle subsystem, TOW/TOW2 subsystem, associated man-portable common thermal night sights, and the LCSS; applies theory and fundamentals of solid-state devices and optics employed in guidance and sighting systems; directs test procedures, diagnostic system analysis, and trouble shooting techniques; directs organizational maintenance and unit status reporting for tactical units; interprets technical data and instructs subordinates in technical aspects of supported missile systems; manages the automated Maintenance Reporting and Management system (MRMS), technical and shop supply procedures; manages supply, equipment, facilities, and personnel in the maintenance of supported land combat missile systems, associated equipment, and training devices; advises commanders on technical aspects of land combat missile system maintenance, support testing, and supply; supervises maintenance and repair of organic tools, test equipment and associated training equipment; supervises the activities of personnel engaged in isolating technical malfunctions and repair of land combat missile systems; observes work practices, detects and corrects improper procedures and techniques; manages, examines, interprets, disseminates, and verifies requirements for technical publications in the unit; directs DS/GS maintenance operations in a tactical environment; directs repair of system components, including guidance control systems, organizational testers, optical trackers, modulators, infrared sensors, and the conduct-of-fire trainer; directs operations, maintenance and calibration of the LCSS; supervises maintenance support team activities; supervises maintenance personnel assigned to a detachment or the land combat section, main missile support company, support TOW/TOW2, DRAGON, and MLRS.

Similar Name
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  • 27B MOS Army Land Combat Support System (LCSS) Test Specialist
  • 35B MOS Army Land Combat Support Systems (LCSS) Test Specialist
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