Air Force Graphic Arts ApprenticeEnlisted

3N033 MOS

Job Detail

Performs or supervises motion media activities. Uses motion media systems to provide aerial or ground visual information production or documentation support to Air Force educational, training, operational, or corporate communication requirements. Performs related editorial functions.

experience in functions such as motion media, production, television, or technical videography, or editorial and sound activities. 3V073. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3V053. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as motion media, production, television, or technical videography, editorial, or sound activities.

Supervises or accomplishes aerial or ground camera assignments. Determines equipment requirements, researches subject matter, and establishes shooting outline. Effects necessary coordination and ensures equipment is in proper operating condition. Operates camera, lighting, and related equipment. Determines optimum camera placement and settings. On aerial assignments, coordinates with pilot to ensure proper aircraft positioning and maneuvering to obtain desired results. Acquires data for captions, background material, cover stories, and logs. Performs operator maintenance on equipment. Determines most appropriate recording methods. Maintains continuity, orientation, and screen direction. Uses recording techniques compatible with editing. Reviews plans or scripts to determine resources requirements. Determines camera angles, lighting, and special effects. Ensures color compatibility between subject matter and backgrounds. Determines proper lighting and camera settings to ensure color match of related scenes shot at different locations. Matches interior and exterior scenes. Assists in selecting shooting locations. Ensures proper slating and identification. Performs production related functions. Assists producers, directors, and writers. Coordinates with requesters to define subject matter and treatment, and assists with script preparation. Prepares and arranges studio sets and related scenery or props. Directs rehearsal and recording activity; evaluates production treatment for suitability; and determines selection, timing, and sequencing of material for electronic editing or post production assembly. Operates ancillary television production equipment such as character generators and film chains. Acts as technical director or switcher. Integrates various television inputs. Operates switcher-fader, special effects, chroma-key, and remote controls. Sets up and accomplishes switching and special effects on cue. Ensures availability and technical adequacy of all inputs. Performs operational checks to insure functional readiness of equipment prior to recording. Acts as floor manager. Arranges and controls illumination for proper coverage, intensity, and color balance. Supervises construction, handling, and storing of studio equipment or props. Relays cues and signals, and assists production director. Functions as video camera operator. Ensures video coverage of staged or spontaneous events. Assists video controller with camera setup; prepares and consults shot list; and provides camera coverage during rehearsals and recording sessions. Proofreads and corrects teleprompter scripts prior to production. Instructs talent in effective techniques or prompter use. Acts as prompter operator. Loads, unloads, and operates prompters. Performs visual information editorial functions. Reviews and edits visual information materials. Identifies and reduces material to individual scenes or sequences, and assembles in proper order. Edits, assembles, and synchronizes recorded sound with imagery. Integrates special effects and prepares cue sheets. Accomplishes audio recording or sound distribution. Directs or produces original recordings of music, sound effects, dialogue, or narration. Transfers or duplicates optical or magnetic audio tracks. Selects and cues audio source material while operating recorders, reproducers, and projectors in interlock. Electronically combines and balances multiple sound inputs while operating mixing console to create optimum composite audio programs. Performs optical instrumentation. Supports scientific analysis, test documentation, and aerial photographic requirements with motion media systems. Consults with and assists engineers and scientific advisers on all phases of optical instrumentation. Determines techniques to be used employing normal-, high-, or ultra-speed metric and space positioning photography. Supervises or performs visual information functions. Observes copyright and repro

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