Air Force Broadcast JournalistEnlisted


Job Detail

Provides operational war fighting documentation; Supports strategic communication by preparing informational material for use by internal and external audiences, and conducts broadcast and production operations. Supports Air Force educational, training, operational and combat requirements.

Supervises or directs documentation, broadcast, and production functions. Manages resources to support Air Force public affairs plans and programs. Coordinates Public Affairs messages and themes for use by internal and external audiences, and quality assurance activities. Performs operational documentation including investigative, historical, and processing of weapon systems video. Develops and uses scripts, graphics, special effects, and audio/video material to support programming/productions requirements. Prepares and schedules program elements and products for distribution. Programs and directs radio and television broadcasts. Reviews program materials for sensibilities before airing. Coordinates receipt and disposition of program materials. Operates radio and television broadcast equipment. Arranges remote broadcast coverage of special events. Evaluates audience feedback. Monitors programs for effectiveness, professional quality, and support of mission objectives. Operates camera, lighting, microphones and related equipment. Determines equipment requirements, researches subject matter, and establishes shooting outlines. Performs operational equipment check and preventative maintenance. Acquires data for captions, background material, cover stories, and logs. Determines camera angles, lighting, and special effects. Assists in selecting shooting locations. Ensures proper slating and identification. Performs combat documentation, studio, and field production-related functions. Acts as director, technical director, floor manager, camera operator, prompter operator and editor. Performs as radio, TV and production talent. Coordinates aerial imagery requirements with aircraft commander to ensure proper aircraft positioning and maneuvering. Determines techniques to be used in aerial documentation. Performs optical instrumentation. Supports scientific analysis, test documentation, and aerial documentation requirements. Maintains archive library and ensures appropriate accessioning of media.

Experience is mandatory in broadcast writing, basic skills of announcing, and editing audio and video. Also experience in functions such as motion media, production, television, or technical videography or editorial and sound activities. Experience is mandatory in supervising broadcast and visual information/multimedia center functions such as producing radio shows, television news stories, newscasts, and visual information productions; developing and executing strategic communication campaigns; interpreting broadcast and production standards during PQA sessions with subordinates; and managing, supervising, developing education or training programs.

see collateral duty

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