Air Force Premier BandEnlisted

3N231 MOS

Job Detail

Manages, supervises, and performs as an instrumentalist, music arranger or copyist, vocalist, or audio and lighting engineer in the USAF Band or the USAF Band of the Rockies.

Plans, organizes, directs, and inspects military band activities. Analyzes local musical requirements and provides appropriate services. Plans and schedules such activities as rehearsals, drills, training classes, and performances. Provides and accounts for equipment, space, supplies, and other facilities required by band. Advises higher authority on band status, equipment maintenance and adequacy, personnel training, and operational efficiency. Coordinates activities such as concerts, parades, and rehearsals with interested agencies and higher authority. Directs full band, sectional, and other group rehearsals. Directs the operation of bands in military and civilian performances, including parades, ceremonies, and concerts. Manages band administrative and support functions. Auditions personnel such as newly assigned members, civilians interested in enlistment for military band, and assigned personnel for promotional and training purposes. Supervises and performs band functions. Performs on one or more musical instruments in concert band, string ensemble, dance band, marching band, or other musical groups. Performs under conductor's direction. Performs in small musical ensembles such as brass, string, or woodwind quartets, quintets, and other combinations. Drills with marching band and executes formations on drum major's or leader's verbal or baton signal, while playing or carrying a musical instrument. Plays from music or memory while standing or marching. Performs as marching band drum major during drills, parades, and ceremonies. Arranges and adapts music for various musical combinations. Inscribes music for use by musicians in various ensembles. Reads and sings vocal musical parts, and memorizes vocal parts for public performance. Performs in chorus and other vocal ensembles. Performs as vocal soloist with various accompanying ensembles. Operates and maintains audio reinforcement, recording, lighting, video, and multimedia equipment used during band rehearsals, training, and performances. Performs minor maintenance on musical equipment. Arranges facilities for rehearsals and performances. Copies and maintains musical parts and performs band support functions.

experience directing and planning functions such as providing musical services, training musical groups, and performing administrative functions.

experience performing with bands, orchestras, choruses, or similar groups.

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