Air Force Cyber Systems SuperintendentEnlisted

3D190 MOS

Job Detail

Manages system analysis and design, programming, systems operation and maintenance, resource management and security management. Directs activities for installing, maintaining, repairing, overhauling, deploying, and modifying cyberspace systems and equipment platforms to include: ground radar and radio, meteorological and navigation, combat camera, imagery, video, television, satellite, intrusion detection, space systems, telemetry, and microwave. In addition, manages and directs network warfare operations and electronic warfare operations in garrison and at deployed locations by performing duties to develop, sustain, and enhance network and electromagnetic capabilities to defend national interests from attack and to create effects in the cyberspace domain to achieve national objectives.

E-9's Only

Plans and organizes maintenance activities. Plans and supervises system installation, and evaluates facilities layout. Evaluates performance standards. Designs and develops organizational structures, and determines equipment, training, and supplies required for systems implementation and support. Executes operations plans to ensure positive control of assigned forces. Evaluates operational readiness of communications, sensors, intrusion detection, and related support equipment. Directs activities responsible for system analysis and design, programming, operations and maintenance, security, systems management, technical support, and resource management. Implements and interprets policies, directives, and procedures. Directs maintenance activities. Directs personnel employed in siting, deploying, inspecting, adjusting, removing, replacing, and repairing communications systems and related equipment. Prepares and analyzes reports encompassing siting, deploying, maintaining, installing, repairing, and removing communications systems, combat camera equipment, imagery systems, and related equipment. Coordinates activities and resolves common problems. Directs overhaul and repair of ground radar and communications systems, combat camera equipment, telemetry systems, imagery systems, and related equipment. Ensures work standards are maintained. Determines extent and economy of repair, including disposition of malfunctioning equipment. Inspects and evaluates maintenance activities for compliance with directives. Evaluates, rates, and prepares reports on activity effectiveness. Recommends and implements corrective action for improved methods and procedures. Evaluates effectiveness of equipment usage, systems performance, customer service, supplies, and system scheduling, processing, and maintenance. Supervises maintenance functions. Resolves problems with installing, maintaining, repairing, and overhauling systems and equipment. Checks systems and equipment for proper siting, installation, and serviceability. Establishes local maintenance procedures and policies. Performs research and development of new systems and equipment. Establishes training requirements. Establishes training programs to meet local knowledge and certification requirements. Plans, programs, and develops budget inputs to ensure resource availability for operational requirements. Manages development functions. Helps functional users define requirements. Supervises functional user requirements translation into automated systems capabilities. Organizes teams that use methodologies to meet mission requirements. Supervises test and evaluation efforts to determine performance. Organizes and participates in mission implementation and conversion. Ensures continued interface between functional users, and programming and operations personnel. Ensures compliance with standards for systems documentation.

Open to E-8's and E-9's Only

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