Air Force Airfield SystemsEnlisted


Job Detail

Airfield Systems specialists install, remove, relocate, modify, deploy, and maintain fixed and mobile meteorological, navigational, and air traffic control ground-to-air radio systems. They accomplish flight inspection duties for navigational aids. They also analyze equipment performance trends, and supervise Airfield Systems maintenance activities.

Supervises airfield systems maintenance activities. Oversees work in progress and reviews completed repairs for sound maintenance practices. Establishes requirements for maintenance and support equipment, tools, and spare parts. Requisitions, accounts for, and turns in supplies and material. Diagnoses and recommends equipment repair, replacement, or depot overhaul. Certifies navigation facilities after repair actions or flight inspections. Interprets inspection findings and determines adequacy of corrective action. Reviews and ensures compliance with maintenance management publications and procedures. Develops and enforces safety standards for Airfield Systems activities. Resolves technical problems and improves maintenance methods and techniques. Interprets technical specifications and provides guidance. Solves technical problems requiring interpretation of schematic, logic and wiring diagrams. Installs, removes, and relocates Airfield Systems equipment. Studies system characteristics, local terrain, and planned base facilities and requirements. Determines equipment position based on plans, diagrams, and specifications. Checks and inventories equipment and project materials for serviceability. Assembles, connects, and wires components, assemblies, and antenna systems. Performs operational tests, adjusts, and aligns equipment. Completes commissioning flight inspections for new navigational aids. Prepares equipment for deployment. Deploys, sets up, and activates transportable Airfield Systems equipment. Completes navigation systems flight inspections at deployed locations. Maintains Airfield Systems equipment. Uses specialized test equipment and software controlled diagnostics to isolate malfunctions. Repairs mechanical and electrical assemblies and subassemblies. Tunes, aligns, and adjusts equipment. Completes flight inspections on navigational aids. Cleans and lubricates equipment. Performs corrosion control. Modifies equipment in accordance with technical directives. Completes performance tests and evaluates results to ensure proper system operation. Initiates action to correct unsatisfactory equipment performance trends.

fill various supervisory and management positions such as shift leader, element NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge), flight superintendent, and various staff positions.

Cyber Operations Superintendent. 3D190 personnel provide direct supervision and management

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