Air Force Cyber Operations CommanderOfficer

17C0 MOS

Job Detail

Commands Cyberspace Operations Groups. Directs and monitors activities to ensure seamless integration of cyberspace operations resources for Air Force operations.

Commands groups. Directs operations subordinate base cyberspace operations including expeditionary communications, combat communications support, computer systems, engineering and installation, and related information operations. Implements directives from higher headquarters. Coordinates group's activities. Coordinates staff activities pertaining to unit personnel and information management, financial and supply management, planning, and programming to ensure accomplishment of unit mission. Ensures cyberspace operations requirements are met, unique systems are accredited and operators are certified for secure and reliable operation. Monitors cyberspace operations activities. Monitors, and evaluates effectiveness of activities and functions, training programs, readiness of personnel and systems, and operation and adequacy of activities. Ensures necessary operations are conducted to provide command and control, secure and non-secure voice and data, and other battle space effects.

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