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Installs, supports and maintains servers or other computer systems and plans for responding to service outages and interruptions to network operations. Administers server-based networked systems, distributed applications, network storage, messaging, and application monitoring required to provision, sustain, operate and integrate cyber networked systems and applications in garrison and at deployed locations. Core competencies include: server operating systems, database administration, web technologies, systems-related project management and supervising computer operators as well as consultant for computer-based problems beyond the knowledge of Client Systems technicians. Supports identification, reconnaissance and exploitation of vulnerabilities while enhancing capabilities within cyber environments to achieve desired affects.

Provides core services by designing, configuring, installing, and managing data services at the operating system and server application level. Provides directory services utilizing dynamically-assigned IP addresses, domain name server, storage area network, and electronic messaging resources. Manages secure authentication methods utilizing public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies and procedures. Standardizes user privileges and system settings using automated deployment tools such as group policy objects (GPO) system management server. Implements security fixes, operating system patches, and antivirus software. Develops, tests, and implements local restoral and contingency operations plans. Processes and reviews C4 systems requirement documentation, telecommunication service requests, status of acquisition messages, and telecommunication service orders. Performs strategic and budget planning for networks. Performs system resource management, manages system accounts, performs system-wide backups and data recovery, and load and capacity planning and management. Administers: classified and unclassified message traffic via electronic mail systems, database operations, implements conversions, and investigates problems in database environment. Ensures continuing systems operability by providing ongoing optimization and problem solving support. Applies computer security policies to safeguard systems and information. Categorizes, isolates, and resolves system problems. Performs fault isolation by validating, isolating, correcting faults, and verifying service restoral with customers. Processes, documents and coordinates resolution of trouble calls from lower support echelons. Processes scheduled and authorized outages. Submits outage reports in response to unscheduled outages. Implements security updates and patches to include: Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessments (IAVA), C4 Notice to Airman (C4 NOTAM), Time Compliance Network Orders (TCNO), Combat Information Transport System (CITS), Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO), operating system patches, and antivirus software. Implements and enforces national, DoD, and Air Force security policies and directives. Performs proactive security functions to deter, detect, isolate, contain, and recover from information system and network security intrusions. Performs system sanitation resulting from Classified Message Incidents (CMIs). Performs and supports information warfare operations within strictly controlled parameters. Researches latest system threats to develop and test tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) for both defensive and offensive information operations. Employs developed TTPs on Air Force and DoD computer networks to exploit enemy information systems and defend against hostile information operations. Identifies, analyzes, targets, and exploits adversary's network operations and systems within specifically defined guidelines and rules of engagement. Reviews and implements C4 systems requirements. Performs strategic and budget planning for systems hardware and software. Coordinates and implements system service level agreements and memorandum of understanding with user agencies.

Experience in functions such as system operations, micro- and multi-user technical support, system restoral, resource counting, or security. Experience supervising one of the following functions: analysis of system failure and restoral, C-CS operations, command and control systems support, system administration, and resource management.

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