Marine Corps Personnel ClerkEnlisted

0121 MOS

Job Detail

Personnel clerks perform personnel and general administrative duties utilizing manual and automated information systems to prepare documents, maintain personnel records and input audit and retrieve pay and personnel information.

Auditing and making entries in individual service records; Auditing service records for required entries and Documentation; Completion of various personnel and pay related forms and documents; Researching proper unit diary entry requirements; Reporting transactions into MCTFS via the unit diary; Auditing and correcting feedback reports from systems; Preparation of individual bond and allotment requests; Preparation of naval correspondence and maintenance of correspondence files and directives

Review pay and allowances; Prepare Miscellaneous Military Pay Order/Special Payment Authorization (NAVMC 11116); Utilize Document Tracking and Management System (DTMS);Process Family and Service Member's Group Life Insurance; Prepare Service Record Book (SRB)/Officer Qualification Record (OQR) standard page entries; Process Service awards; Prepare Dependency Application (NAVMC 10922); Conduct service records audit

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