Marine Corps Personnel OfficerWarrant Officer

0170 MOS

Job Detail

Personnel officers are special staff officers, who supervise and manage a consolidated administrative office in matters pertaining to personnel administration. Personnel officers function as a supervisor, coordinator, and administrator of the manpower, personnel and pay information reported into the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) via the Unit Diary/Manpower Integrated Personnel System (UD/MIPS) or On Line Diary System (OLDS).

Process involuntary appellate leave orders; Process voluntary appellate leave orders; Review deserter/Absentee Wanted by the Armed Forces (DD Form 553); Review Report of Return of Absentee Wanted by Armed Forces; Manage Total Force pay and allowances; Verify Total Force date data elements; Supervise operational pay entitlements; Supervise overseas station allowances

Manage naval correspondence; Develop Personnel Annexes to Operations Plans (OPLAN) and Operational Orders (OPORD); Verify Command Special Orders; Supervise casualty management; Manage combat replacement program; Supervise maintenance of correspondence files; Supervise Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA)/Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders; Process other Service and atypical personnel award recommendations; Process straggler orders

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