Army Supply Systems TechnicianWarrant Officer

920B MOS

Job Detail

Serves as the senior Supply Systems Technician.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; serves as the most senior Supply Systems Technician in positions as technical advisor/analyses to major commanders in such complex areas as: force modernization, personnel management, logistical support analysis, integrated logistics support, project management development/analysis, logistics management and systems developments; serves in positions which require an unusual depth and breadth of technical knowledge for functional training and curriculum development; serves in selected Quartermaster Branch MOS immaterial; may be selected to serve in the CSS MOS immaterial position as CSS Warrant Officer Personnel Proponent at CASCOM; serve in Army Warrant Officer MOS immaterial positions at the Department of the Army level.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; serves as the senior Supply Systems Technician in mid-level management positions; generally at the battalion (Separate Heavy Support and Main Support), and at the Brigade/Regiment level; positions requiring a level of independence from supervision; serve in Mission Supply Support Activity (SSA) with 3000 or more Authorized Stockage Lines (ASL) and 30 or more personnel authorized or Customer SSA with 3000 or more ASL and 30 or more customers; instructs other countries in the development and management of their respective supply support systems; serves in technical management and advisor positions requiring advanced level staff and technical skills and a high degree of independence from supervision; serve at selected Groups (Area Support or Corps Support), but will generally serve at Division, COSCOM, TAACOM or MACOM levels; perform in contracting management and budgeting, requiring advanced written and oral skills; serve as the supervisor of other MOS 920Bs; instructs and provides technical advice to other countries in the development and systems management of their supply systems; serves as special project/action officer, technical analysis, technical advisor on the G-staffs, and as a systems designer/developer.

Serves as technician or technical manager in a narrow technical functional area; generally at platoon, detachment, company or at the position in other organizations where senior Supply Systems Technician(s) are assigned; serve alone in organizations which provide the following type supply support: Mission Supply Support Activity (SSA) with less than 3000 Authorized Stockage Line (ASL) and less than 30 personnel assigned or Customer SSA with less than 3000 ASL and less than 30 personnel assigned; serve as a team member in all Main SSA (s); instructs, manages and supervises personnel within a SSA concerning supply systems policy and functional procedures; manages the receipt, storage and issuance of supplies and equipment at the SSA level in accordance with established policies and regulations; controls management of operational float stocks to ensure compliance with Army policy; inspects supported units to ensure stockage levels do not exceed prescribed levels; provides technical guidance to personnel of supported units/activities in order to assist, establish, and maintain adequate stockage levels for mission accomplishment; conducts periodic inventories of stockage supply items, initiates action for disposition of excesses and makes recommendations for changes to the ASL; develops standard operating procedures and performs administrative duties related to the supply activity.

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