Army Automated Logistical SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Supervise and perform management or warehouse functions.

At the Unit Level, 92As work as PLL/TAMMS clerks (Prescribed Load List/The Army Maintenance Management System), and are responsible for maintaining records of services performed, ordering and managing repair parts, dispatching vehicles and equipment and maintaining operator licensing records; 92A's are assigned to and supervised by the maintenance NCO and will usually be the only 92A in the company; this is a very high profile job and the Equipment Records Parts Specialist/NCO will interface with vehicle drivers, mechanics, armorer, unit supply sergeant, company Executive Officer, Maintenance Officer and Commander while conducting daily duties; a good PLL/TAMMS clerk can make or break a company's maintenance program; provides technical guidance to lower graded personnel; establishes and maintains stock records and other documents such as inventory, materiel control, accounting and supply reports; establishes and maintains automated and manual accounting records, posts receipts and turn ins and performs dues ins and dues outs accounting; corrects error and exception documents; processes inventories, surveys and warehousing documents; maintains stock locator system and administers document control procedures; retrieves and analyzes history and activity files pertinent to system rejected documents; recommend additions and deletions to authorized stockage list; maintain accounting records of property disposal activity; review requests for major and controlled items; reconcile activity records for monthly and quarterly reporting and status reviews; processes data inquiry and manager referred listings and cards; manages controlled, critical and reserve stocks and operational readiness floats; perform financial management functions; process output from catalog inquiry program, document modifiers and special cancellation requests; there is a wide variety of Defense Reutilization Marketing Service (DRMS) positions with many differences in responsibilities; these assignments may vary from staff level assignments that require interacting predominantly with civil servant GS/WG employees and senior officers on a daily basis to positions within a DRMS facility; positions within a DRMS facility may have responsibility for overseeing operations, establishing operations and ensuring compliance with established policies and procedures; must provide staff advice and liaison assistance to those agencies with which there is interaction; Soldiers that are screened and selected for these assignments are usually of the highest caliber and have proven themselves in previous assignments; soldiers must possess a high level of technical knowledge within their MOS as well as the analytical skills necessary to solve problems and work on projects that are outside of their specialization; these jobs are usually high visibility and offer unique challenges.

Serve as principal NCO at staff level for supply and services operations at Battalion or higher levels; supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps, sketches, overlays and related data to employment supply and service organizations; analyzes reports on supply and service support operations; a Materiel Management NCO is not a specific position but rather a broad scope of possible positions; as a Materiel Management NCO it is possible to work in a warehouse, depot, Combat Service Support Automation Management Office (CSSAMO), Support Operations (SPO) and various other assignments; a Materiel Management NCO usually performs duties directly related to their MOS; however, duties such as working in a CSSAMO are unique and challenging.

Supervises soldiers engaged in supply, services, materiel management and logistics operations; perform duties of MOS 92A and 92Y at skill level 5; serves as principal NCO of supply and services operations; supervises operation of organizations performing supply and related service operations such as transportation, property disposal and commissary operations; supervises management of materiel support functions in stock control and accounting, procurement, inventory control and item financial management; supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps sketches, overlays and related data to employ supply and service organizations; contributes to staff development and operations of supply support data systems, equipment review, salvage and repair parts supply procedures, and maintenance support systems; supervises preparation of orders, operating instructions, reports and related technical materials; performs liaison between staff and supported soldiers to improve effectiveness of support activities.

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