Army Optical Laboratory SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Assemble eyeglasses that utilize pre-surfaced single-vision lenses.

Surfaces lens blanks, fabricates, repairs and assembles prescription spectacles; maintain tools and equipment; provides technical guidance to subordinates; performs prescription related administration; inspects completed spectacles, and insures quality control standards; develops stock levels, requisitions, stores and maintains optical supplies and equipment; prepares and conducts training programs and instructs on preventive maintenance and safety procedures.

Determines personnel requirements, establishes priorities and organizes work schedules; plans layout of work areas; prepares and conducts training programs; inspect to ensure a safe, clean and orderly working environment; supervise quality control procedures; drafts and prepares budget estimates and monitors records of cost data and expenditures; perform staff, budget and advisory duties; prepare other technical, administrative and personnel reports; coordinate activities of optical laboratory with medical treatment facilities; supervises and provides technical guidance within the Army Medical Department and Army Special Staff Activities.

The chief medical NCO is the principal non-commissioned officer who supervises, and performs related duties as the senior advisor to Commanders, Directors, and Chiefs of Departments and staff agencies on all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel; they perform these duties in multifunctional medical treatment facilities and medical staff activities, or in medical units formed under the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE), or Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) concept; the chief medical NCO must be qualified in one of the following eleven MOS (68A, 68E, 68G, 68J, 68K, 68M, 68P, 68Q, 68R, 68S and 68W) at the grade MSG; must be knowledgeable in technical mission, responsibilities and operations of all medical functional activities, to include: division and higher levels of medical special, general and joint staff sections, Medical Centers, large and medium size hospitals, Medical Activities, health centers and clinics, battery, company and troop size units, and all levels of echelons for medical organizations to include all major commands; must be able to plan, coordinate and supervise activities pertaining to unit organization, training, tactical and technical operation; provides advice and makes recommendations to their senior leaders and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers and their families; accompanies their senior leader on inspections, visits and ceremonies; assists in inspection of command/organization activities, facilities and personnel as prescribed by their senior leader; ensures adherence to command/organization policies; disseminates command/organization policies, objectives and guidance to subordinate NCO Support Chain to ensure successful completion of missions; responsible for monitoring training or conducts training of enlisted soldiers; assesses training at all levels and provides feedback to their senior leaders and appropriate subordinate commanders and leaders; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers of the command/organization; responsible for and provides guidance on Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) and Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP); inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command/organization; serves as president or member of command/organization promotion board or removal board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; sits as chairperson or member of a command/organization's "Military Member of the Quarter/Year" competition for enlisted soldiers or NCOs, as directed by local regulations; responsible for quality, control and training of noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER) while ensuring timely submissions; reviews evaluation reports to determine compliance with policies and procedures and recommends corrective actions on deficiencies to commanders, other leaders and rating officials; performs other duties prescribed by their senior leader.

Similar Name
  • 42E MOS Army Optical Laboratory Specialist
  • 91H MOS Army Optical Laboratory Specialist
  • 6472 MOS Marine Corps Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS), Electro-Optical (EO)/Forward Looking Infrared Tech (FLTR)
  • 2125 MOS Marine Corps Electro-Optic Instrument Repair Officer (III)
  • 2171 MOS Marine Corps Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer
  • OM MOS Navy Opticalman
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