Army Oxygen-Acetylene Production SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Operates plants to manufacture gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, and acetylene.

Must know capabilities, limitations, and function of all military types of gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, and acetylene generating units and allied equipment; must know general principles and theory of pressure, vacuum, humidity, vaporization, condensation, heat conduction, radiation, and convection as applied to air, gases, and liquids; must know all operating procedures, safety measures, and hazards pertinent to oxygen, nitrogen, and acetylene gas producing equipment, particularly those involved with corrosive liquids and high pressures; must know procedures for combating fires caused by chemical compounds, such as calcium carbide, petroleum, acetone, white phosphorus, and acetylene; must know methods of cylinder charging, inspection, testing, handling, and storage of gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, and acetylene; must know how and be able to perform preventive maintenance and assist in performance of organizational and field maintenance of units and components under competent supervision.

Must be qualified as Oxygen- Acetylene Production Specialist (52B20); must know theory and characteristics of operational cycles of generation of gaseous acetylene and oxygen; must know theory of chemical reactions and thermodynamics related to operation of gaseous oxygen and acetylene generating plants; must be familiar with mathematics, chemistry, and physics involved in gas generation formulas; must know how to isolate and correct malfunctions of gaseous oxygen and acetylene generating and associated equipment; must know safe procedures for storage and handling of gas products; must be able to coordinate plant operations and maintenance.

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