Army BandmasterWarrant Officer

420C MOS

Job Detail

Conduct or lead Music Support Teams.

Conduct or lead Music Support Teams (MST) in support of official military and civilian ceremonies and functions; select music to accommodate abilities of MST and appropriate for performance to be given; direct rehearsals and performances to achieve desired musical effects, technical knowledge, and talents of individual performers; transcribe or adapt musical compositions for use by an Army band MST; participate in domestic and overseas civilian and military community relations functions representing the US Army or the United States at the highest national and international levels; provide subject matter expertise on military traditions, ceremonies, and music to the command to which assigned; supervise unit personnel in the execution of company level administrative duties.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; supervise junior WO (WO1/CW2) assigned as unit executive officer.

Perform duties in preceding skill levels; serves as the subject matter expert for all band activities.

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