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Performs core competencies in organization structure, manpower requirements determination, program allocation and control, and performance management. Manages manpower and organization (MO) functions including Air Force organization structure; organizational and manpower standards; manpower resources, military grades, manpower data systems, and peacetime and wartime manpower requirements and utilization; A-76 commercial activities and competitive sourcing and privatization studies. Manages process reengineering, continuous improvement initiatives, and management consulting services. Supports operational planning and execution.

Experience in performing functions such as evaluating operational methods and procedures; workload measurement; process improvement and system performance; costing analysis; assisting in developing organization and process standards; determining manpower requirements; accomplishing contingency force management; or analyzing organizational structures. Also, experience performing or supervising functions such as evaluating operational methods and procedures; facilitating and consulting organizational development and process improvement studies; analyzing and reengineering process improvement and system performance; costing analysis; developing organizational and process standards; determining manpower requirements; accomplishing contingency force management; or analyzing organizational structures.

Evaluates Air Force organization structures for effectiveness and efficiency. Studies organization's mission, structure, and workload. Performs organizational analysis and develops organization change requests. Prepares organization and functional charts. Prepares organization orders. Develops and maintains standardized Air Force organizational structures and manpower standards. Coordinates with staff agencies and assists management with study implementation. Applies organization and manpower standards, analyzes impact, and revises manpower documents. Conducts reengineering studies to define defendable manpower requirements, building statistical equations to meet future programming needs. Manages and conducts A-76 commercial activities and competitive sourcing and privatization studies including development of statements of work, most efficient organizations, and cost comparisons. Establishes and maintains manpower readiness and force management to include maintaining and operating the DCAPES computer system. Performs manpower wartime support for operational, contingency and exercise planning and execution. Participates in mobility planning and the manpower and personnel readiness team or center. Participates in total force assessments to define in-place and deployment requirements. Correlates status of resources and training system data to unit manpower data. Evaluates and approves unit type code changes. Conducts operational theater and overseas manpower requirements reviews. Provides analysis and recommendations on resource augmentation duty requirements. Reviews and develops manpower annexes for support agreements. Allocates and controls position mix among military, civilian, and contract personnel to ensure mission accomplishment and most efficient and effective use of resources. Allocates military grades according to directives. Develops and applies programming factors and functions estimating equations. Maintains manpower allocations with troop strength ceilings or floors and mandates. Prepares, tracks, and manages manpower allocations. Designs, operates, and maintains manpower data systems at base, major command (MAJCOM), or Headquarters USAF. Develops and prepares manpower change documents. Prepares and maintains manpower reports and data extracts. Manages performance through planning, designing, advising, and facilitating organizational and functional process improvement through integrated process teams, benchmarking, process mapping, work measurement, modern business practices, metric development for manpower requirements, performance measurement, and organizational design. Plans, organizes, and directs manpower activities for conducting management consulting services, to include operations research, systems and procedures analysis, workload essentiality, work distribution and work flow, skill mix, work methods and simplification, layout analysis, benchmarking, and work measurement and analysis. Designs methods and tailors consultation to improve organizational performance. Uses industrial engineering and computer techniques to facilitate work measurement and process improvement. Measures and analyzes organizational systems performance including data collection and analysis, metric development, system effectiveness surveys, and forecasting system performance. Facilitates in developing short and long-term goals and strategies relating to performance management. Designs systems with focus on effectiveness and efficiency. Assists organizations participating in, and benefiting from, Air Force productivity enhancement programs, to include Innovative Development Through Employee Awareness (IDEA) and Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment (PECI) programs.

experience managing functions such as management engineering, productivity, and organizational development studies; development and implementation of performance measures; determining manpower requirements; or organizing and implementing force management structures during contingencies.

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