Air Force Education and TrainingEnlisted

3S251 MOS

Job Detail

Conducts education and training (E&T) tasks for maintenance, operations, and support training; education services; curriculum development; and instructor activities. Develops, delivers, and evaluates E&T programs and oversees E&T activities.

Experience managing education or training activities.

Develops, delivers, and evaluates E&T programs. Applies instructional system development (ISD) process. Collects and analyzes job performance data, and conducts occupational analysis surveys. Compares individual knowledge and skills with job standards, and identifies E&T requirements. Develops and validates standards. Determines adequacy of existing courses and programs. Screens and validates formal E&T requirements. Develops objectives to meet Air Force academic, vocational, and technical standards. Determines most cost effective method to deliver E&T. Sequences objectives; selects instructional design, method, and media; and identifies resource needs. Creates materials to support objectives. Develops tests and standards to measure individual abilities. Evaluates E&T programs, recommends actions to correct deficiencies, and oversees evaluations and surveys. Conducts, validates, and revises programs and instruction. Coordinates user feedback with career field managers and E&T providers, and monitors corrective actions. Administers E&T programs. Serves as E&T program manager. Consults on ISD process and career field E&T plans (CFETP). Advises on E&T materials and services. Conducts work center visits, and organizes programs to develop and conduct job site training. Advises on unit and individual E&T progress. Identifies E&T providers, capabilities, and resources, and ensures availability of materials. Recommends revisions to E&T programs and CFETPs. Helps obtain and analyze history of E&T achievements, establish goals, and enroll in classes, courses, and programs. Prepares and maintains records, files, and materials. Maintains liaison with activities conducting, scheduling, or supporting E&T requirements. Coordinates and schedules events and facility use. Requests course quotas; monitors formal E&T process; and maintains records of course attendance, withdrawals, completions, and costs. Manages automated systems and products, measurement tools, multimedia and maintenance qualification training programs, and the extension course program. Coordinates wartime task training. Oversees E&T activities. Organizes E&T programs to achieve educational goals and mission requirements. Prepares directives to manage and control E&T programs. Implements policies and coordinates changes. Develops and manages reporting procedures. Maintains E&T data, and provides statistical reports on programs and operations. Monitors progress, identifies problem areas, determines causes, recommends corrective action, and provides counsel. Organizes and controls facilities, supplies, and equipment to support E&T needs. Forecasts E&T requirements, determines validity, and assesses cost. Participates in utilization and training workshops, training planning teams, and training planning groups.

experience conducting or developing education or training programs. Also, experience conducting, supervising, or developing education or training programs.

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