Army Counter-intelligence TechnicianWarrant Officer

351L MOS

Job Detail

Conducts investigations/operations to detect and prevent acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; supervises all operations in field office; manages counterintelligence elements that support all Army organizations and activities up to including the Chief of Staff, Army, Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of Defense.

Conducts investigations/operations by applying sound judgment and analytical reasoning methods to detect and prevent acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism directed against Army activities; supervises investigative a/operational and administrative personnel; manages investigative/operational elements of varying size commensurate with skill and experience level; prepares, reviews, and approves investigative/operational reports of investigations and inspections; performs terrorism counteraction analysis and threat analysis; investigates national security crimes of Army interest as defined by regulation, the UCMJ, or applicable US Code; conducts and supervises both overt and covert investigations; supervises the technical performance of subordinate military and civilian personnel in related job skills; develops, evaluates, and manages sources and informants of military intelligence; develops and approves investigative plans; obtains and executes arrest and search warrants in coordination with the Criminal Investigations Division or the FBI; interviews and interrogates witnesses, suspects, and subjects, and obtains written statements executed under oath; represents the Army's interests in investigations conducted collaterally with the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and other federal, state, or local investigative agencies; writes, reviews, and approves reports of investigation; provides security and operations security advice and assistance to Army elements; conducts threat analysis and vulnerability estimates.

Performs duties described in preceding skill levels; provides guidance and technical input to subordinate counterintelligence elements or other staff elements; manages counterintelligence elements providing counterintelligence support to combat commanders up to and including Theater Army level.

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