Army Counter-intelligence TechnicianWarrant Officer

351B MOS

Job Detail

Conducts investigations to detect and prevent acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism.

Conducts investigations/operations by applying sound judgment and analytical reasoning methods to detect and prevent acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism directed against Army activities; supervises investigative a/operational and administrative personnel; manages investigative/operational elements of varying size commensurate with skill and experience level; prepares, reviews, and approves investigative/operational reports of investigations and inspections; performs terrorism counteraction analysis and threat analysis; investigates national security crimes of Army interest as defined by regulation, the UCMJ, or applicable US Code; conducts and supervises both overt and covert investigations; supervises the technical performance of subordinate military and civilian personnel in related job skills; develops, evaluates, and manages sources and informants of military intelligence; develops and approves investigative plans; obtains and executes arrest and search warrants in coordination with the Criminal Investigations Division or the FBI; interviews and interrogates witnesses, suspects, and subjects, and obtains written statements executed under oath; represents the Army's interests in investigations conducted collaterally with the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and other federal, state, or local investigative agencies; writes, reviews, and approves reports of investigation; provides security and operations security advice and assistance to Army elements; conducts threat analysis and vulnerability estimates.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; supervises all operations in field office; manages counterintelligence elements that support all Army organizations and activities up to including the Chief of Staff, Army, Secretary of the Army, and the Secretary of Defense.

Performs duties in preceding skill levels; provides guidance and technical input to subordinate counterintelligence elements or other staff elements; manages counterintelligence elements providing counterintelligence support to combat commanders up to and including Theater Army level.

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