Army Cable Systems Installer-MaintainerEnlisted


Job Detail

Perform maintenance on cable and wire communications systems, communication security devices, assigned vehicles, generators, and associated equipment.

Installs, operates, and performs unit level maintenance on cable and wire systems, to include Digital Group Multiplexers (DGM), Remote Multiplexing Combiners (RMC), repeaters, restorers, voltage protection devices, telephones, test stations, intermediate distribution frames, and related equipment; configures DGM and RMC for operations; installs, operates, performs strapping, restrapping, PMCS and unit level maintenance on COM SEC devices; performs tests on cable communications systems to ensure circuit and system quality; tests circuits/groups to detect and locate line faults; operates manual and motorized cable construction equipment; climbs poles, as necessary, and assists in the construction of tactical cable and wire lines; clears and maintains rights of way; recognizes electronic countermeasures and applies appropriate electronic counter-countermeasures as necessary; operates and performs PMCS on telephone line and other vehicles; installs, operates, and performs PMCS on power generators; coordinates and supervises team member activities in the construction, installation, and recovery of cable and wire communications systems and auxiliary equipment; coordinates remote trunking operations with switching central personnel; interprets and updates line route maps and overlays; coordinates team logistic requirements; checks and performs PMCS and unit level maintenance on wire and cable systems and associated communications equipment; ensures PMCS and maintenance functions are performed in accordance with published schedules; supervises and coordinates all phases of construction, recovery, and maintenance of cable and wire distribution systems and associated multiplexing, reeling, and testing equipment, including telephones; estimates time, supplies, personnel, and equipment required to construct cable and wire communications systems; assigns work crews and coordinates activities of personnel to meet workload demands; inspects pole line construction and cable and wire lines and equipment to ensure approved construction and risk assessment standards are met; supervises and checks maintenance performed by subordinate personnel; prepares line route maps and overlays; interprets circuit diagrams and operations order extracts; prepares and conducts MOS and unit training programs; advises the commander on cable and wire system operations; supervises section and team deployment of individual and crew-served weapons for site defense; employs and enforces principles of COMSEC, SIG-SEC, OPSEC, and physical security.

The senior signal sergeant plans, develops, coordinates, directs, and supervises the installation, operation and management of integrated C2 telecommunications and information management networks; writes Command and Control Communications policy; provides technical advice and assistance to commanders, staff, and subordinate units; coordinates Signal activities with higher, lower and adjacent headquarters; performs Signal staff and Senior Operations NCO functions, to include writing C4I policy, procedures, operations plans, orders, and reports; uses computers to control and monitor network status in an operational environment; directs and assists Battlefield Spectrum managers in the development of frequency allocation plans; develops battlefield Signal operations plans in support of organizations at battalion and higher levels, and for Joint and Combined Commands and activities.

Plans, coordinates, and supervises installation, operation, maintenance, and management of telecommunications systems and networks, including radio, switching, cable, and automation equipment; supervises the installation, operation, strapping, re-strapping, preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) and unit level maintenance on COMSEC devices; directs restoration and alternate routing of circuits, trunks, links, and systems; develops and implements unit level signal maintenance programs; provides advice and technical assistance to subordinates and commanders; develops frequency operational requirements, telecommunications service requests, and disseminates operations information to ensure C2 communications connectivity; requests and ensures appropriate logistical support is available at all times; assimilates and reports system/network statistics; develops and implements training programs for Signal personnel; uses computers to process operational and administrative information; operates system control facilities as part of Signal organization management functions; plans, directs, supervises and manages the installation, operation, and maintenance of Information Mission Area (IMA) Signal support functions within an integrated Army, Joint, or Defense telecommunications network, to include coordinating the resolution of communication difficulties within Army operated Signal systems and networks, and between Army, Joint, Defense and commercial telecommunications activities; develops and enforces unit level Signal maintenance programs, policies, and procedures; plans and coordinates logistic support for C4I network operations; provides advice and technical assistance to commanders and subordinate units/elements; performs Signal staff functions and coordinates Signal activities with higher, lower and adjacent headquarters; prepares and maintains reports, records, and operational databases used to conduct Signal support functions in both tactical and strategic environments.

Similar Name
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