Air Force DENTISTOfficer


Job Detail

Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases, abnormalities, injuries, and dysfunctional disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures. Administers dental service policy, including establishing and maintaining dental health standards.

Examines, diagnoses and treats disease, abnormalities, injuries and dysfunctional disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures. Examines patients and interprets radiographs and diagnostic tests to determine type and extent of dental diseases and disabilities or dysfunctions. Evaluates findings and prescribes type, extent, and order of treatment. Refers nondental problems to appropriate medical specialty. Restores health and function of carious, fractured, otherwise defective teeth. Performs routine preventive, periodontal, oral surgery, endodontic, and prosthodontic treatment. Provides consultation services. Directs dental activities. Formulates and implements procedures for operation of base dental service. Determines requirements for material, equipment, facilities, and personnel to accomplish mission of unit. Coordinates dental activities with medical service. Instructs dental officers and technical assistant in professional and administrative functions of dental service. Performs comprehensive dental functions. Performs complex dental treatment procedures in the absence of specialist. May serve as training director or instructor for general dentistry residency programs. Manages and administers dental service policies and programs. Drafts policies covering dental health standards. Provides guidance for the implementation of comprehensive programs to continuously improve prevention and treatment of dental disease to ensure maximum personnel wartime readiness and combat capability. Determines resource requirements for dental clinics and laboratories.

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