Air Force EndodontistOfficer

47E3 MOS

Job Detail

Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases and destructive processes, including injuries and abnormalities of dental pulps and periapical tissues of teeth. Directs endodontic services.

Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases of dental pulps and periapical tissues of teeth. Examines patients and interprets radiographs and pulp tests to determine pulp vitality and periapical tissue condition. Evaluates findings and prescribes method of treatment to prevent loss of teeth and to restore teeth to function. Performs pulpal therapy, surgical treatment of radicular areas, and removal of pathologic periapical tissue. Provides consultation services. Directs endodontic service. Formulates and implements procedures governing administration of endodontic service. Plans and schedules endodontists and technical assistants to perform endodontic treatment. Coordinates endodontic services with other dental and medical services. Instructs dental officers and technical assistants in endodontic procedures and techniques.

Same as junior tasks.

For award of AFSC 47E3, completion of a residency in endodontics, acceptable to the Surgeon General, HQ USAF, is mandatory.

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