Air Force InternistOfficer

44M2 MOS

Job Detail

Diagnoses diseases and renders nonsurgical care; provides consultation in complex cases. Manages internal medicine services.

For award of AFSC 44M3, completion of a residency or fellowship in internal medicine acceptable to the Surgeon General, USAF, is mandatory.

Diagnoses and treats diseases. Prepares and reviews case histories and clinical records. Performs and directs diagnostic procedures, including x-ray examinations and clinical laboratory tests. Interprets test results and evaluates examination findings. Prescribes such treatment for internal diseases as drugs, physical therapy, and dietary regimens. Manages internal medicine services. Formulates plans and procedures for internal medicine services. Schedules use of internal medicine clinics and diagnostic facilities and assigns nurses and medical technicians. Advises on type and quantity of supplies and equipment. Coordinates internal medicine services with other medical activities. Instructs interns and residents in procedures and methods of internal medicine. Serves as consultant on internal diseases.

Same as junior tasks.

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