Air Force Chief, Hospital/clinic ServicesOfficer

44A1 MOS

Job Detail

lans and administers medical services at base level medical treatment facilities (MTF), including maintenance of health standards, training, and use of personnel. Directs inpatient and outpatient care and services.

For award of AFSC 44A3, experience is mandatory in a position with significant responsibility for medical management, including clinical service or department level leadership; or an aggregate of related duties, including work in facility level quality assurance and risk management function or medical staff committees.

Administers medical service policies. Provides guidance for implementing comprehensive programs to continuously improve prevention and treatment of medical disease to ensure maximum personnel wartime readiness and combat capability. Determines personnel, materiel, and facility requirements. Administers operational policies for medical service programs. Coordinates medical service programs. Coordinates health service and patient care with military and civilian medical treatment facilities. Participates in meetings of professional societies and clinics. Confers with commanders and staff members concerning establishing, manning, equipping, operating, and training for medical facilities, units, and personnel. Advises commanders on matters affecting health and welfare of personnel. Monitors and directs medical service programs. Directs establishment and operation of inpatient and outpatient medical services. Manages assignment of medical officers and enlisted personnel to support medical facility operations. Manages education and training programs for medical officers. Disseminates professional information on new medical concepts, procedures, and techniques. Approves disengagement of patients for Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS). Responsible for management and oversight of professional programs to support medical treatment facility accreditation and inspection, including quality assurance and risk management, utilization management, and medical readiness.

Same as junior tasks.

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