Air Force Nuclear Medicine PhysicianOfficer

44H2 MOS

Job Detail

Uses radionuclides in diagnostic imaging, in treating disease, and for a variety of laboratory procedures. Manages Nuclear Medicine Services.

Uses radionuclides in diagnostic imaging and in the treatment of disease. Reviews requests for nuclear imaging and therapeutic procedures, and determines applicability of requested procedures. Interviews and examines patients and records supplementary data. Instructs and directs nuclear medicine technologists regarding desired dosages, techniques, positions, and projections. Applies data processing techniques, as indicated. Interprets images and data, and confers with medical and dental officers regarding diagnoses of cases. Prepares comprehensive interpretive reports of findings. Uses radionuclides for a variety of laboratory procedures. Uses radionuclides to perform diagnostic studies of blood and urine, including radioimmunoassay, volume and dilution studies, hematological studies, and others. Prepares report of results. Manages Nuclear Medicine Services. Formulates plans and procedures for Nuclear Medicine Services. Coordinates nuclear medicine services with other medical activities. Determines capability of available resources, and advises regarding future needs. Ensures quality control of radionuclide preparation, administration, and disposition, and ensures that all activities comply with the standards of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Air Force permit. Establishes and enforces protection standards for patients and personnel. Schedules examinations and assigns personnel. Advises on kind and quantity of nuclear medicine supplies and equipment. Participates in delivery of graduate medical education in nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, and other specialties. Serves as consultant in nuclear medicine.

Same as junior tasks.

For award of AFSC 44H3, completion of a residency in nuclear medicine acceptable to the Surgeon General, USAF, is mandatory.

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