Air Force Cyberspace DefenseEnlisted

1B491 MOS

Job Detail

Performs duties to develop, sustain, and enhance network capabilities to defend national interests from attack and to create effects in cyberspace to achieve national objectives. They will enable net-centric command and control (C2) systems to synchronize cross-domain attack operations and de-conflict friendly use of cyberspace. Conduct network attack, network defense, and network exploitation using on-net tools, techniques and procedures to achieve COCOM and national requirements. They will partner with Joint and coalition services to defend net-centric operations. They will detect, deny, disrupt, deceive, and mitigate adversarial access to sovereign national networks and systems. The duties performed by Cyberspace Defense Operations include: operating network and computer-based detection and deception systems; performing technical analysis of networks and systems in support of national level agencies to determine effective defensive maneuvers in case of attack.

Directs personnel and conducts computer/network attack, defense and exploitation operations. Selects and employs surveillance, combat, reporting and network management systems. Interprets directives into specific guidance and procedures for operator actions. Executes operations plans to ensure positive control of assigned resources. Evaluates operational readiness of communications, sensors, intrusion detection, and related support equipment. Coordinates with other operators performing weapons control, surveillance, and network activities. Advises commander on readiness of capabilities, status reports, training exercises, and evaluation results. Develops plans and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Analyzes national defense guidance and objectives to create operational policies. Implements policy through development of TTPs to execute assigned weapons and C2 capabilities. Plans, conducts, and evaluates exercises to enhance operational readiness. Ensures interoperability of assigned weapons systems with joint/coalition partners. Establishes procedures and monitors implementation of programs, policies, and plans. Implements operational TTPs with DoD, allied forces, and civil authorities. Establishes performance standards, trains and conducts evaluations to ensure personnel are proficient, qualified, and certified. Ensures units meet operational readiness goals and adhere to operational procedures. Coordinates with other agencies to ensure resources are adequate to accomplish missions. Participates in research, development and operational testing and evaluation to determine new capabilities and modifications to existing systems. Assesses and reverse engineers network nodes and infrastructure devices; to include operating systems and software applications to determine capabilities, functionalities, limitations and vulnerabilities. Assists in writing technical requirements, analyzing equipment specifications, and developing criteria to ensure operational effectiveness. Performs network attack activities to include effects gained from emerging technology such as: disruption, data manipulation, degradation, destruction and denial of C2 while maintaining operational situational awareness. Network warfare operations include activities on an adversary's communication infrastructure and equipment. Conducts network defense operations of friendly forces and vital interests from hostile attacks. Defense techniques consist of active and passive cyberspace operations including employment of defensive measures designed to deny attacking adversaries or reduce their effectiveness. Network defense includes measures to preserve, protect, recover, and reconstitute friendly cyberspace capabilities before, during, and after a hostile attack. Network defense encompasses cyberspace attack deterrence, attack mitigation and survivability, attack attribution, vulnerability detection and response, data protection, and infrastructure protection. Provides command and control of network warfare operations with DoD, interagency and Coalition Forces to establish situational awareness of both friendly and adversary operations. When directed, act with federal, state, and local governments, as well as private sector parties, to identify dependencies and reduce vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Defends and secures critical infrastructure to include the Nation's industrial base and national security.

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