Air Force Airman Dorm LeaderEnlisted

8H070 MOS

Job Detail

The Airmen Dorm Leader (ADL) is responsible for daily UH operations to include mentoring residents and assisting them in their adjustment to military life; ensuring residents comply with directives and military living standards; assessing good order and discipline and exercising general supervision over residents; management of facilities and campus areas; budgeting and program execution; project identification; basic allowance for quarters (BAH) transactions; maintaining supplies, furnishings, equipment, etc. necessary for providing quality facilities.

Manages day-to-day operations of permanent party UH facilities. Determines eligibility, assigns and terminates and maintains waiting lists. Performs facility management for UH under their control. Budgets and executes program for supplies, linens, equipment, furnishings, training and TDY funds, local drayage and storage, cable TV and telephone reconnection reimbursements, etc., necessary to maintain daily operations. Works with Commanders and First Sergeants to execute a bay orderly program. Assesses good order and discipline and exercises general supervision over residents. Mentors residents and assists them in their adjustment to military life, the development of military attitude and their enhancement of social skills. Mediates resident disputes. Coordinates and advises Unit Commanders, Command Chiefs and First Sergeants on all matters concerning Dormitory Residents and quality-of-life issues. Advise various dormitory councils. Manages occupancy, by room, in the Automated Civil Engineer System-Housing Management (ACES-HM) module. Manages diverted rooms and temporary accommodations (administrative offices, storage space, hospitality rooms). Utilize ACES as one of the tools used to plan, advocate, program, design and execute UH requirements. Manages BAH waiting lists for unaccompanied personnel desiring to reside off base with allowances. Processes authorizations to stop and start BAH based on occupancy of government quarters. Conducts quarterly verification with the base Financial Services Officer for members drawing single and partial rate BAH. Maintains and reports utilization data to MAJCOM and AF. Performs space allocation assessments as required and makes recommendations to ensure optimum utilization. Provides data to determine and support UH construction and renovation requirements to include inputs for the Air Force Dormitory Master Plan (DMP). Initiates facility projects to include renovation, self-help and furnishings. Conducts an annual assessment of furniture. Provides a 5-year Quality Improvement Plan for facility and furnishings requirements to document all elements of UH facility living environments to include standards for the facility, furnishings, interior design, decorative themes, privacy, recreation, leisure, convenience, storage, parking and security.

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