Navy LDO - Explosive Ordnance DisposalOfficer

6480 MOS

Job Detail

Officer technical managers in the methods of detection, identification, field evaluation, rendering safe, recovery, and disposal of all types of U.S. and foreign ordnance, explosives, and demolition materials. Provide technical escort for transportation or movement, detoxification, and disposal of chemical, biological, toxicological, and etiological agents; conduct technical evaluations of ordnance, U.S. and foreign, for intelligence information through disassembly and/or stripping; may perform airborne techniques, and provide U.S. Secret Service with EOD support for Presidential and other VIP protection as directed; provide fleet training services on emergency destruct procedures, detection and monitoring of nuclear, biological, or chemical agents; provide technical guidance, training assistance in minor underwater repair, hull inspection, and propeller replacements; plan and supervise the activities of personnel engaged in diving and explosive ordnance disposal operations, involving all types of U.S. and foreign munitions, conventional and improvised; supervise the repair and modification of EOD tools, equipment, and material; supervise the stowage, issue, procurement, security, and preservation of EOD equipment, materials, and components. An officer of the Regular Navy whose permanent status is Ensign or above.

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