Navy LDO - IntelligenceOfficer

6457 MOS

Job Detail

Intelligence Limited Duty Officers assist in collection, evaluation, and dissemination of naval intelligence in support of surface, air, and antisubmarine warfare units and operational staffs. Participates in reconnaissance missions and in interrogation of prisoners. Maintains order of battle information and intelligence plots. Prepares and develops intelligence reports. Develops intelligence estimates. Former enlisted personnel that also perform in a management role. Officer technical managers in the field of intelligence. They assist in planning, coordinating, and directing all intelligence work performed by the unit to which assigned and are responsible for the material readiness of the intelligence collection equipment, publications, and supplies under their cognizance; supervise enlisted intelligence specialist rating personnel in their various intelligence collection, processing, dissemination duties and in the preparation of intelligence materials for briefings. An officer of the Naval Reserve on active duty in the FTS Program (Full Time Support) [Includes officers of the FTS Program rotated to other than FTS billets].

Directs or conducts tests and inspections; Determines need for repairs to equipment in use and recommends repairs to improperly or inaccurately operating equipment; Supervises equipment maintenance.

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