Marine Corps Public Affairs Management OfficerOfficer

9674 MOS

Job Detail

Public affairs management officers function as supervisors and coordinators of the activities of public affairs offices and are advisors to commanders and staffs on public affairs matters to include public information, community relations, and internal information. Public affairs officers may, on occasion, perform duties in international public affairs.

Supervises the preparation of information for general release, including news releases, feature stories, photographs, tapes, and film; Coordinates activities (i.e., briefings, transportation, and escort services), for civilian media/journalists; Ensures activities of civilian media/journalists and other official visitors are conducted following the security regulations; Informs the commander and staff on matters which promote and preserve harmonious relations with the civilian community; advises on internal and external information matters; and provides technical advice and assistance; Assigns personnel to obtain stories, photographs, and recordings of events for use and release as internal and external information; Supervises the preparation of scripts for radio and television and editing of recordings.

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