Marine Corps Marine Combat InstructorEnlisted

8513 MOS

Job Detail

Teachers and Instructors, All Other.

Combat instructors supervise and instruct or assist in commanding and instructing a recruit platoon.

Similar Name
  • 88C MOS Army Marine and Terminal Operations
  • 880A MOS Army Marine Deck Officer
  • 61C MOS Army Marine Engineer
  • 881A MOS Army Marine Engineering Officer
  • 61F MOS Army Marine Hull Repairer
  • 61Z MOS Army Marine Senior Sergeant
  • 88Y MOS Army Marine Senior Sergeant
  • MSSE MOS Coast Guard Marine Safety Specialist Engineering
  • 7200 MOS Marine Corps Basic Air Control/Air Support/Antiair Warfare/Air Traffic Control Marine
  • 6000 MOS Marine Corps Basic Aircraft Maintenance Marine
Similar MOS
  • 8511 MOS Marine Corps Drill Instructor
  • 8530 MOS Marine Corps Marksmanship Coach
  • 8531 MOS Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor
  • 8551 MOS Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor
  • 8552 MOS Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor-Trainer
  • 8541 MOS Marine Corps Scout-Sniper
  • 8532 MOS Marine Corps Small Arms Weapons Instructor
  • 8538 MOS Marine Corps Substance Abuse Counselor
  • 8563 MOS Marine Corps Water Safety/Survival Instructor