Marine Corps Band Officer (III)Warrant Officer

5502 MOS

Job Detail

Band officers manage, administer, and coordinate musical performances, internal operations, training, and employment of a Marine Corps Band. In a combat environment when musical performance becomes impractical, they lead Marine Corps Bands in augmenting headquarters defense. Band officers function as special staff officers of the commanding general by providing information and recommendations on the use, current capabilities, standing procedures and policies governing the operation of a Marine Corps Band. They develop unit budgets, sustainment training, and the annual operation plans for Marine Corps Bands.

Direct Band Leadership; Submit Band command chronology; Write commitment After Action Report; Audition personnel; Audition prospective applicant; Deliver Marine Corps Band marketing presentation; Approve submission of annual budget

Reconcile Consolidated Memorandum of Receipt (CMR); Approve Periodic Replacement Plan (PRP); Lead Band in performance; Approve annual operational plan; Approve Band schedule; Assign commitment request disposition; Approve purchase requests

Similar Name
  • 42R MOS Army Band Member
  • 42S MOS Army Special Band Member
  • 5517 MOS Marine Corps Band Master
  • 0622 MOS Marine Corps Digital (Multi-channel) Wideband Transmission Equipment Operator
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