Marine Corps Packaging SpecialistEnlisted

3052 MOS

Job Detail

Packaging specialists plan, supervise, train, and perform various duties pertaining to the preparation and packaging of various types of material for movement or shipment by common carriers. Tasks include cleaning, drying, preserving, packing, marking, and materiel consolidation and unitization. Through additional training received at formal and follow on training schools and on-the-job training, packaging specialists become proficient in facilities management, materiel management processes and procedures applicable to the protection of material from deterioration and/or physical damage.

Manage accountability of personnel; Design wood shipping/storage containers; Construct shipping/storage containers; Construct wood pallets; Manage construction of wooden container; Supervise container manufacturing operations; Assemble triple-wall corrugated fiberboard shipping containers

Operate automated Material Handling Equipment (MHE); Perform partial disassembly of components for preservation and packaging; Perform C-1 (any applicable process) cleaning process; Perform C-3 (solvent) cleaning process; Perform C-5 (solvent) cleaning followed by fingerprint removal; Perform C-8 (perspiration and fingerprint removal); Perform D-1 (prepared compressed air) drying procedures

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