Marine Corps Fabric Repair SpecialistEnlisted

1181 MOS

Job Detail

Fabric repair specialists supervise and perform the fabrication and repair of canvas and textile equipment.

Repair or fabricate includes the interior of motor vehicles, tarpaulins, gun and instrument covers, and cartridge belts; perform or supervise the alteration and repair of clothing.

Similar Name
  • 43M MOS Army Fabric and Leather Repair Foreman
  • 43M MOS Army Fabric Repair Specialist
Similar MOS
  • 1100 MOS Marine Corps Basic Utilities Marine
  • 1101 MOS Marine Corps Basic Utilities Officer
  • 1141 MOS Marine Corps Electrician
  • 1142 MOS Marine Corps Engineer Equipment Electrical Systems Technician
  • 1161 MOS Marine Corps Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  • 1120 MOS Marine Corps Utilities Officer (III)
  • 1171 MOS Marine Corps Water Support Technician