Marine Corps Water Support TechnicianEnlisted

1171 MOS

Job Detail

Water support technicians install, operate, inspect, and perform preventive and corrective maintenance on pumps, water filtration/purification equipment, water storage/distribution systems, and laundry and shower facilities. They conduct and evaluate water surveys, water reconnaissance, and water quality analysis as well as establish, maintain, and close sanitation systems. When on Humanitarian Assistance and Civil Military Operations these technicians also plan, install, and repair the plumbing systems of structures. These duties include cutting, bending, and threading pipes; joining pipes using screws, bolts, fittings, solder, and plastic solvent; cleaning tanks and filter beds using backwashing; testing water to determine acidity, impurities, turbidity, and conductivity; and regulating the flow of raw water for treatment while mixing it with specified amounts of chemicals (i.e. alum, coagulate, chlorine, ammonia, and lime) in the filtration/purification process. Noncommissioned officers are afforded the opportunity to attend the Advanced Water Support Technician course that provides in-depth instruction on the requirements of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the planning of water support. An apprenticeship program, leading to U.S. Department of Labor certification as a Journey Worker, is available to water support technicians under the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)

Conduct an Operational Risk Assessment, Control hazardous energy, recover an electric shock victim, react to a hazardous materials spill, administer first aid for chemical ingestion, identify required publications, conduct an sl-3 inventory, conduct a limited technical inspection, document equipment operation history, requisition repair parts, document equipment service/repair history, comply with modification instruction, comply with a modification instruction, perform preventative maintenance checks and services,

Install water support equipment, Operate water support equipment, Inspect water support equipment, Maintain water support equipment, Test water, Purify water, Store water, Distribute water, Install hygiene equipment, Operate hygiene equipment, Inspect hygiene equipment, Maintain hygiene equipment, Dispose of waste water.

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