Marine Corps Personnel Retrieval and Processing SpecialistEnlisted

0471 MOS

Job Detail

Personnel retrieval and processing specialist perform duties in both combat and non-combat environments pertaining to the search and recovery, processing, tentative identification, interment, disinterment, and transportation of human remains and personal effects; Furthermore, they perform the various duties pertaining to the establishment of Collection Points and Interments sites; These duties are performed in both joint and single service theaters of operations and in an NBCR environment.

Complete Personnel Retrieval Processing (PRP) administrative requirements Update PRP website Properly move transfer case Prepare site sketch Store hazardous materials Un-contaminate work area Perform sanitation measures Transport remains Properly transfer Remains Perform evacuation procedures Check remains for physical markings and injuries Perform proper storage of remains Check remains for identification media Perform marking of remains Perform recovery mission Perform basic land navigation Perform hazard detection within a recovery site Perform search and recovery formations Interview local inhabitants Set up decontamination station Process remains and personal effects through the decontamination station Properly decontaminate remains Perform interment /disinterment

Properly transfer Remains; Complete Personnel Retrieval and Processing (PRP) administrative requirements; Maintain DCIPS/Tracking databank; Check remains for identification media; Check remains for physical markings and injuries; Transfer remains; ; Manually Transport remains; Properly prepare/move transfer case with remains; Store hazardous materials; Perform proper storage of remains; Perform evacuation procedures; Perform personal sanitation measures; Perform basic land navigation; Perform convoy operation immediate action drills; Perform hazard detection within a recovery site; Perform search and recovery operations; Perform marking of remains, and effects at a recovery site; Document a Search and Recovery Site; Perform role in search and recovery formations; Operate the Jaws of Life; Interview of local inhabitants; Perform interment; Perform disinterment; Process remains, effects and records at a Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point (TMEP); Process personal effects at a Personal Effects Depot (PE Depot); Perform role in the establishment of a mortuary affairs decontamination station; Decontaminate work area; Process remains and personal effects through the decontamination station.

Supervise administrative requirements Determine logistical requirements of a recovery operation Supervise recovery operation Supervise search and recovery in a hostile environment Supervise evacuation procedures Personnel Retrieval Processing SNCOIC Supervise interment /disinterment Supervise Personnel Retrieval Processing (PRP) operations Personnel Retrieval Processing; Supervise administrative requirements; Supervise licensing/certification program for the Jaws of Life; Supervise preventive maintenance program on equipment; Supervise processing operation; Supervise search and recovery operations; Supervise evacuation procedures; Supervise decontamination station operations; Supervise interment operations; Supervise disinterment operations; Supervise training program for disaster response; Supervise Convoy Operations; Supervise Personnel Retrieval and Processing Operations; Supervise Personnel Retrieval and Processing operations at a Mortuary; Determine logistical requirements for search and recovery operations; Determine logistical requirements for PRP collection point operations.

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