Marine Corps RiflemanEnlisted

0311 MOS

Job Detail

The riflemen employ the modern service rifle/carbine, the M203 grenade launcher and the squad automatic weapon (SAW). Riflemen are the primary scouts, assault troops, and close combat forces available to the MAGTF. They are the foundation of the Marine infantry organization, and as such are the nucleus of the fire team in the rifle squad, the scout team in the LAR squad, scout snipers in the infantry battalion, and reconnaissance or assault team in the reconnaissance units. Noncommissioned officers are assigned as fire team leaders, scout team leaders, rifle squad leaders, or rifle platoon guides.

Develop a warning order, Write a combat order, Issue a combat order, Develop a map overlay, Lead a squad sized unit in defensive operations, Prepare a fire plan sketch, Write a squad patrol order, Lead a squad patrol, Direct the employment of mortars in support of defensive operations, Communicate using wired communications, Emplace an M18A1 Claymore mine, Employ pyrotechnics, Lead a squad in urban operations, Lead a squad in a hasty vehicle/personnel checkpoint, Lead a squad in offensive operations, Lead a platoon in a deliberate vehicle/personnel checkpoint

Carries out the orders of the infantry Fire Team Leader. Performs the tasks required of a Rifleman in an infantry fire team. Carries, performs operator maintenance for, and is a proficient marksman with an M16 series service rifle. Engages targets with an M136 light anti-armor weapon and an M67 hand grenade. Emplaces and recovers an M18A1 Claymore mine. Probes for and marks a mine. Utilizes grenades and pyrotechnics for signaling, illumination, and screening. Determines current location and traverses designated points using a topographic map, lensatic compass, and protractor, Performs self-aid and buddy aid. Performs individual protective measures to counteract the effects of nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination. Communicates using proper communications procedures with organic wired and wireless communications. Performs fire and movement as an individual and as a member of a fire team. Locates, closes with, and destroys the enemy by fire and maneuver., Repels an enemy assault by fire and close combat., Employ measures to combat terrorism, Construct a machine gun position, Prepare a range card, Supervise construction of machine gun positions, Conduct defensive operations, Conduct security operation, Direct obstacle emplacement, Plan for movement in an IED environment, Conduct casualty evacuation, Supervise the evacuation of casualties, Employ Guardian Angel concepts, Submit combat reports, Conduct offensive operations, Conduct amphibious operations, Implement the Marine Corps Planning Process, Perform duties as Watch Chief in an Operations Center, Perform duties as Watch Officer in an Operations Center, Prepare Marines for combat operations, Perform aided observation, Lead immediate action (IA) drills,

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