Coast Guard Medical AdministrationWarrant Officer


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Warrant officers serving in the specialty of medical administration will administer nonprofessional aspects of medical and dental facilities ashore and afloat; manage administrative functions such as fiscal and supply, personnel, records and other related medical matters; promote and manage environmental sanitation programs; administer and serve as instructors in medical training programs; perform medical service planning and logistic duties; serve as assistants to inspectors in reviewing administrative organization and operations of medical and dental facilities; In the absence of the medical officer and only because of the unavailability of such an officer, they shall carry out the functions of the medical facility insofar as they are qualified to do; warrant officers bridge an essential communication link between officer and enlisted.

Warrant Officers serving in the specialty of medical administration are experts in the planning, supervision, and coordination of the general administration of health service facilities, ashore and afloat; manage the medical and dental readiness of active duty and reserve personnel; maintain various Medical Information System databases; oversee the preparation and management of fiduciary control and accountability of designated funds; responsible for the planned acquisition, emergency replacement, and maintenance of equipment and supplies; are liaisons with other local agencies for health care related matters; are experts in developing disaster and pandemic influenza force health protection preparedness plans; organize correspondence, reports, and records and ensure compliance; train subordinates, conduct classes, and instruct enlisted personnel in their duties; manage administrative oversight in the areas of nonfederal health care, contracts, and blanket purchase agreements; responsibilities include oversight and assurance that local physical examinations and periodic health assessments comply with current standards; function as the reviewing and approving authority for all non-aviation and non-diving physical exams; serve as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act local Privacy and Security Official; serve as the Health Risk Assessments Administrator for periodic health assessments; serve as the medical event report coordinator ensuring timely submission of reports and adherence with applicable instructions and seek opportunities for cost reduction and enhancement to patient care through billet conversions, resource sharing, and contracting.

Senior leadership and management of all personnel at the units to which they are assigned

Senior leadership and management of all personnel at the units to which they are assigned

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