Coast Guard Information Systems TechnicianEnlisted


Job Detail

ITs are responsible for establishing and maintaining Coast Guard computer systems, analog and digital voice systems telephones and voice-mail, and installing and maintaining the physical network infrastructure that ties the systems together; ITs at sea support tactical command, control, communications, and computer systems.

Installs, modifies, and maintains all forms of phone and computer systems including peripheral devices in accordance with current Telecommunication Information Systems Command (TISCOM) and Microsoft documentation; performs system upgrades; configures software for remote systems management, Microsoft Exchange Server, event log, help desk support for Microsoft Outlook trouble resolution; performs network testing utilizing transmission impairment measuring sets, network analyzers and cable testers in accordance with Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) and Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) standards. Installs routers, hubs, data switches, UPS, encryption devices, bit drivers, and media converters, category 5, and fiber optic cabling; installs and maintains telephone trunking services.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 through E6; performs onsite management for quality control and compliance of personnel and makes recommendations; prepares engineering change proposals; develops and manages budget including property issues, project planning, and presentations using Microsoft Project and other software tools, including web-based communication; performs workforce management and strategic planning at the project level; oversees training center operations; develops performance qualifications, project coordination, and LAN design and recapitalization; and acts as an instructor; establishes overall activities for the information technology system operation; reviews and develops policies for IT operations, including planning and management.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; conducts traffic analysis for voice and data networks to provide current and future needs; configures and maintains various computer network systems; uses web design tools; and provides technical support for project management; performs the duties of a system administrator and of a project manager; performs systems security management, sets up procedures, and detects violations; provides clearances for defense messaging; applies security policies and shadowing; maintains HF systems and local area networks; instructs and trains personnel; recommends changes in procedures; prepares maintenance records and schedules.

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