Coast Guard Food Service SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Prepares foods using standardized recipes; operates food equipment; maintains sanitary food service, preparation, and storage areas; receives, stores, and maintains stock levels of subsistence items.

Measures, weighs, blends and mixes foods; prepares foods progressively in accordance with standardized recipes; under supervision prepares fruits, vegetables, salads, meats, baked products, beverages, and soups; portions and serves food to consumers; carves meat and poultry for serving; operates specialized food service equipment; knows transmission methods of food-borne diseases; and performs post meal clean-up according to sanitary standards.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; establishes schedules and supervises serving line; assists in maintaining cost control, procurement, maintenance, and rotation of stock; prepares food in accordance with stated menu; able to adjust inventory for withdrawals and additions; plans and prepares food for special events; and prepares specialty baked goods; decorates cakes; plans special meals; applies culinary techniques; assists in maintaining cost control procedures; supervises sanitation; modifies menus and methods of preparation; maintains inventory control to insure operating safety levels; supervises food service facility; assigns food service duties; maintains sales analysis records and ensures that proper costs to portion control are maintained; performs job skills training (IDP) and performance evaluations; supervises facility and food service personnel; and prepares end of month reports.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 through E6; serves as administrator of small food service facility or as a supervisor in a large facility; plans and conducts training; prepares schedules; estimates, maintains, and interprets financial records; disseminate nutritional information; and provides oversight of contracts; develops and implements policies and procedures to attain organizational goals and objectives; selects, assigns, and evaluates personnel; reviews personnel, equipment, and material requirements; organizes, schedules, and evaluates training programs; determines future requirements and space utilization; develops operating budget; and monitors expenditures; draft job skill qualifications; may serve as regional manager or training director for schools; provides supervision for trainers, instructors, and curriculum development; and inspects and oversees facilities for quality and compliance.

Similar Name
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  • 92G MOS Army Food Service Specialist
  • 94B MOS Army Food Service Specialist
  • 922A MOS Army Food Service Technician
  • 91M MOS Army Hospital Food Service Specialist
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  • 68R MOS Army Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
  • 68R MOS Army Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
  • 91R MOS Army Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist
  • 3300 MOS Marine Corps Basic Food Service Marine
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