Air Force FuelsEnlisted

2F071 MOS

Job Detail

Maintains and operates petroleum, missile and alternative fuels and cryogenic facilities and equipment. Receives, stores, and issues petroleum fuels and cryogenics products. Performs quality analysis on petroleum and cryogenics products. Performs in-depth maintenance on fuels handling vehicles and equipment dispensing systems and operator maintenance on facilities. Prepares receipt, inventory, and issue documents for fuels and cryogenic products accounting. Operates specialized mobility fuels equipment.

experience is mandatory in functions such as fuels accounting training, material control, fuels vehicle and equipment maintenance and fuels quality control functions. Also, experience in fuels operations functions such as mobile refueling and fuels hydrants and storage; managing fuels inventory accounts; and fuels laboratory and training requirements.

experience is mandatory in functions such as receipt, issue, and transfer operations from mechanical fuel storage systems and cryogenic storage, operating available mobile refueling equipment, documenting fuels transactions for computer processing, and performing laboratory analysis on petroleum products.

Directs receipt storage and issue operations for petroleum, cryogenic, and alternative fuel products. Projects product requirements, places orders for products, and performs product receipt operations. Ensures proper handling and segregation of products received and verifies quantity and quality. Documents discrepancies in product receipt quantities and quality. Isolates off-specification products and takes appropriate actions to correct quality problems. Operates and maintains cryogenic production plants. Ensures compliance with all safety and environmental regulations. Maintains storage and dispensing facilities. Rotates stocks to prevent product quality degradation. Ensures an effective operator maintenance program is carried out. Performs operator checks and routine maintenance on facilities. Maintains inspections and maintenance records for facilities. Reports facility deficiencies to appropriate maintenance activity. Initiates facility upgrade and construction projects. Manages fuels mobility support equipment used for bare base operations. Maintains and operates fuels mobility support equipment. Maintains cryogenic storage tanks. Performs technical fuels functions. Operates fuels control center to monitor all product movements and ensure timely response to mission requirements. Coordinates refueling requirements with supported agencies and ensures appropriate prioritization of support requirements. Ensures an effective vehicle maintenance program is carried out on related fuel dispensing components. Operates mobile and hydrant refueling equipment to dispense products to aircraft and ground support equipment and facilities. Operates cryogenic storage tanks to dispense products. Calculates and documents issue transactions for all products. Maintains fuels and cryogenic records. Ensures accuracy of receipt, inventory, and issue documents. Processes computer transactions to ensure proper billing and payment for all product receipt and issue transactions. Monitors product temperature and handling gains and losses to ensure they are within authorized tolerance. Compiles data and generates recurring reports. Monitors inventory levels to ensure adequate stocks are on-hand to support peacetime and pre-positioned wartime stock requirements. Compiles consumption data and monitors energy conservation goals. Inputs data into the Fuels Automated System (FAS) and the Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) to ensure accurate accountability and visibility of capabilities and support limitations. Electronically transfers fuels transactions to the FAS. Reconciles all databases to ensure all transactions have processed correctly. Maintains quality control of petroleum fuel, and cryogenic products. Operates and maintains laboratory test equipment. Collects and analyzes product samples from receipt sources, bulk storage tanks, and dispensing equipment. Documents analysis results in FAS and reviews quality trend analysis records. Establishes a sample correlation program with the aerospace fuels area laboratory to ensure the integrity of the base-level analysis procedures. Collects fuel samples from crashed aircraft and submits them to the area laboratory for full specification analysis. Ensures an effective product segregation and recovery program is implemented. Implements the lock out, tag out program to prevent the use of substandard fuel or facilities. Establishes personnel controls, training program, and supply administrative procedures. Monitors unit manning document and allocates personnel to authorized positions. Oversees unit personnel readiness. Participates in mobility planning, submission of resources and training system data, and evaluates and approves unit type code changes. Performs vehicle maintenance activities on refueling vehicles and equipment fuels dispensing pumping systems. Determines the overall mechanical condition of vehicles and equipment, corrections of deficiencies required

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