Army Translator/Interpreter (Reserve Components)Enlisted


Job Detail

Prepares, edits and supervises translations and conducts interpretations in English and foreign languages.

The counterintelligence/human intelligence senior sergeant supervises the collection, processing, development and dissemination of counter intelligence, counter-signals intelligence and human intelligence information; supervises the multidiscipline counter intelligence activities at group, corps, Army or comparable and higher headquarters; coordinates operating requirements of subordinate units with major supported units; assists in the appraisal of multidiscipline counterintelligence operations; provides advice and makes recommendations to the commander and staff on all matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers and their families; accompanies the commander on inspections, visits and ceremonies; assists in inspection of command activities, facilities and personnel as prescribed by the commander; ensures adherence to command policies; holds First Sergeants' or Sergeants' Major call to announce information and instruction; ensures that newly assigned enlisted personnel are instructed in military courtesy, customs of the service and command regulations or policies; responsible for monitoring training or conducts training of enlisted soldiers; assesses training at all levels and provides feedback to appropriate commanders and leaders; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers of the command; responsible for and provides guidance on Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) and Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP); inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command; serves as president or member of command promotion board or removal board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; sits as chairperson or member of a command's Military Member of the Quarter/Year competition for enlisted soldiers or NCOs, as directed by local regulations; responsible for quality, control and training of noncommissioned officer evaluation reports (NCOER) while ensuring timely submissions; reviews evaluation reports to determine compliance with policies and procedures and recommends corrective actions on deficiencies to commanders, other leaders and rating officials; performs other duties prescribed by the commander; assists in the professional development of junior and company grade officer.

Provides translation and interpretations for complex, high-level proceedings; performs senior translator and interpreter functions and supervises language maintenance at the team and platoon level.

Prepares translations of non-technical foreign language material; prepares non-technical translations into the foreign language; performs sight translations from a foreign language into English; performs translation and interpreter duties.

Similar Name
Similar MOS
  • 97C MOS Army Area Intelligence Specialist
  • 97A MOS Army Contracting and Industrial Management Officer
  • 97B MOS Army Counterintelligence Agent
  • 97Z MOS Army Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Senior Sergeant
  • 97E MOS Army Human Intelligence Collector
  • 97E MOS Army Interrogator
  • 97D MOS Army Military Intelligence Coordinator
  • 97G MOS Army Multi-Discipline Counter-Intelligence (MDCI) Operator/Analyst