Army Health Care SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Provides emergency medical treatment, limited primary care, force health protection and evacuation in a variety of operational and clinical settings.

Administer emergency and routine medical treatment to battlefield casualties, assists with outpatient care and treatment or assists with inpatient care and treatment under the supervision of a physician, nurse, physician's assistant or a Health Care NCO; supervises field and clinical medical facilities; supervise activities of field, clinical and mobile treatment facilities.

The Chief Medical NCO is the principal non-commissioned officer who supervises, and performs related duties as the senior advisor to Commanders, Directors, and Chiefs of Departments and staff agencies on all matters pertaining to enlisted personnel; they perform these duties in multifunctional medical and dental treatment facilities, medical staff activities, or in medical units formed under the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE), or Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) concept; (2) The Chief Medical NCO must be qualified in one of the following seven MOS (91E, 91G, 91J, 91M, 91P, 91Q, and 91W) at the grade MSG; must be knowledgeable in technical mission, responsibilities and operations of all medical functional activities; to include division and higher levels of medical special, general and joint staff sections, large and medium size hospitals, health centers and clinics, battery, company and troop size units, and all levels of echelons for medical organizations to include all major commands; must be able to plan, coordinate and supervise activities pertaining to unit organization, training, tactical and technical operations.

Supervise paraprofessional medical service activities in large fixed and mobile treatment facilities; supervises and provides technical guidance within the Army Medical Department and Army Special Staff Activities.

Similar Name
  • 43Y1 MOS Air Force Health Physicist
  • 43Y2 MOS Air Force Health Physicist
  • 43Y3 MOS Air Force Health Physicist
  • 43Y4 MOS Air Force Health Physicist
  • 41A1 MOS Air Force Health Services Administrator
  • 41A2 MOS Air Force Health Services Administrator
  • 41A3 MOS Air Force Health Services Administrator
  • 41A4 MOS Air Force Health Services Administrator
  • 4A031 MOS Air Force Health Services Management
Similar MOS
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  • 914A MOS Army Allied Trades Warrant Officer
  • 910A MOS Army Ammunition Warrant Officer
  • 91T MOS Army Animal Care Specialist
  • 91K MOS Army Armament Repairer
  • 913A MOS Army Armament Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer
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