Army Nuclear Weapons TechnicianWarrant Officer

911A MOS

Job Detail

Determines acceptability of nuclear weapons in various stages of maintenance and testing.

Closely supervises nuclear weapon maintenance personnel performing inspection, maintenance, modification, retrofit, disassembly, assembly, testing, and calibration of U.S. Army nuclear weapons and associated test, measurement, and handling equipment; determines acceptability of nuclear weapons in various stages of maintenance and testing and assures reliability of end items by close supervision and personal observation of each operation; manages personnel, equipment, and facilities to assure nuclear weapon safety, security, and reliability; plans, organizes, implements, and monitors organizational, direct support, general support, and depot level inspection and maintenance programs for all nuclear weapons systems; enforces security requirements during all phases of nuclear operations; enforces nuclear and general safety rules during maintenance, transportation, and storage of nuclear weapons; provides nuclear-related training and technical assistance and advice to subordinate and senior personnel, supported units, lateral units, and higher headquarters when required; prepares technical reports describing in detail results of nuclear weapons inspection, tests, maintenance, storage, and movement operations; receives, interprets, and disseminates technical information from technical publications, orders, messages, regulations, and any other sources of information pertaining to nuclear weapons; maintains technical proficiency by staying abreast of changes, present and future, which affect nuclear surety; manages unit level quality assurance programs to include in-process and final inspection procedures; directs training of, and on-scene employment of, nuclear accident and incident control teams during peacetime; serves as accountable and/or maintenance management officer for corps/area nuclear weapons assets and accountable components; serves as courier officer during administrative or tactical movement of nuclear weapons; performs other officer-level duties as required.

Is proficient in duties described for senior warrant officer level in preceding skill levels; serves as a nuclear weapon logistician on a MACOM staff; serves as a senior technician on Inspector General nuclear surety inspection team; serves as staff officer at MACOM nuclear operations directorate; serves in key staff positions at brigade and corps levels; serves on the staff of the project manager of nuclear munitions; serves in key staff officer positions at national maintenance points and major logistic headquarters; serves as system or personnel integrator at MACOM or proponent levels; performs officer-level duties consistent with master warrant officer responsibilities.

Is proficient in duties described for warrant officer level in preceding skill levels; serves on command technical assistance teams, Inspector General nuclear surety inspection team, or Defense Nuclear Agency interservice inspection team; serves as an instructor at service schools; performs duties as a research, development, test, and evaluation technician.

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