Air Force First SergeantEnlisted

8F000 MOS

Job Detail

Principal advisor to the commander on all issues related to the enlisted force; and exercises general supervision over assigned enlisted personnel.

Provides the commander a mission-ready enlisted force to execute the unit mission. Must remain vigilant for, and move to resolve, issues that, left unchecked, would adversely impact the readiness of enlisted members. Prepares enlisted personnel of the organization to deploy in support of mission requirements. Exercise the necessary leadership to provide and sustain a mission-ready workforce for the commander. Advises the commander on a wide range of topics including the health, esprit de crops, discipline, mentoring, well being, career progression, professional development, and recognition of all assigned enlisted members. Assists the commander in preparation and execution of unit training and information programs (e.g. commander's call). Attends staff meetings. Represents the commander at base meetings and councils, and when conducting tours through unit areas. Works with fellow senior noncommissioned officers (SNCO) and supervisory personnel to ensure discipline is equitably maintained, and the health, esprit de crops, discipline, mentoring, and welfare of the enlisted force are met. Ensures supervisors set an appropriate example for the subordinates. Provides leadership and guidance to supervisors and members enabling them to resolve problems or complaints at the lowest level. Coordinates the resolution of complex problems with the supervisor, member, commander, and appropriate base agencies. Maintains liaison with base agencies to ensure availability of services for unit members. Ensures training is provided on matters of leadership, customs and courtesies, dress and personal appearance, self-discipline, adherence to standards, drill and ceremony, safety, hygiene, and sanitation. Supports and promotes profession military education activities. Corrects conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. Assists enlisted personnel in adapting to military environment and adjusting to the organization and duty assignments. Monitors unit sponsorship programs and conducts orientation for newly assigned personnel. Make frequent contact with unit members at work, housing, and recreation areas. Manages care and upkeep of unit dormitories and adjacent grounds. Participates in the Quarters Improvement Committee. Inspects dormitories, day rooms, and unit areas as necessary. Initiates corrective action when required. Addresses housing concerns, ensuring personnel are expeditiously housed, accounted for, and issues or conditions, which have the potential to negatively impact readiness, are resolved. Supervises administrative actions directed by the commander. Coordinates with supervisors of enlisted personnel to schedule unit functions, duties, leave, passes, and other absences from duty. Performs quality force review and ensures timely processing of performances reports, awards, decorations, favorable communications, promotions, demotions, classification actions, quality control actions, and disciplinary actions. Works closely with the command chief master sergeant to ensure enlisted members understand and are prepared to execute the mission. Develops and executes specific goals, plans, and objectives to address issues related to enlisted members.

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