Army Process PhotographerEnlisted


Job Detail

Takes photographs and develops films for use in offset printing of maps, charts, pictures, documents, and other reproductions.

Must be able to perform the duties of personnel classified in appropriate advanced MOS in Map Reproduction and Printing (813) subcareer management field; supervises hotolithography activities; supervises placing of mobile reproduction vans and preparing them for operation; coordinates work of specialists in furnishing utilities to mobile unit; schedules and coordinates reproduction activities; establishes work priorities and schedules for completion of orders according to order and priority; organizes and coordinates work flow of raw materials and finished production; organizes and supervises unit operations; assures, by inspection and approval, adequate quality and rate of photographic and film processing, platemaking and offset printing activities; assures proper quality of negatives and photographic copy necessary for producing acceptable lithographic impressions; insures that proper process camera operations, darkroom processes, and technicalities in platemaking operation, including improvised and field expedient techniques, are followed; assures that unit work is accomplished according to order and priority; makes oral and written administrative and operational reports on personnel and material involved in reproduction activities; serves as staff NCO in topographic battalion or comparable activities; must be able to perform the duties of Photolithography Chief (83Z40); serves as First Sergeant of a company; interprets and supervises execution of company policy and SOP; assists in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that support the company mission; advises company commander on all matters concerning enlisted personnel, to include assignments, reassignments, transfers, promotions, granting of passes and leave, punishments, welfare, privileges, and awards; directs and coordinates company administration; forms unit for drill, ceremonies, and other military formations; receives report of personnel present and absent, and reports number of unauthorized absences; holds NCO call to disseminate instructions and information to subordinate enlisted supervisors; coordinates operations of company food service and supply activities; assists company commander in accomplishing unit training; assists in inspection of organizational activities as prescribed by commander, observes discrepancies, and initiates appropriate corrective action.

Provides advice and makes, recommendations to the commander aid staff on all matters pertain to enlisted personnel and their families; accompanies the commander on inspections and visits and at ceremonies; assists in inspection of command activities facilities aid personnel as prescribed by the commander; holds First Sergeants' or Sergeants' Major call to announce information and instructions; insures that newly assigned enlisted personnel are instructed in military courtesy, customs, of the service, and command regulations or policies; provides counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted personnel of the command; inspects duties performed by subordinate NCOs; notes discrepancies and initiates appropriate corrective action; assists in reception of visitors to the command; sits as president or member of command promotion board for NCOs, as authorized by regulations; performs other duties prescribed by, the commander.

Serves as Process Photographer or Senior Photocopy Operator; sets up photographic equipment and takes photographs; prepares and utilizes chemical solutions and darkroom equipment in developing film and plates; exposes films and immerses exposed film in developer solution; washes, fixes and dries negatives; examines negative for size, correct dot formation, and inclusion of job data; develops wet plate, half-tone, and line negatives; makes projection and contact prints and diapositive plates for photomapping; employs proper type, kind and size of backing and masks on copyboard to prevent glass reflections, fog on negatives, or to reduce amount of opaquing on negatives; minimizes variations of color separation negatives; prepares diapositives to produce uniformly clear and accurately timed developments; prepares rectified projection prints of quality and accuracy suitable for mosaics; operates photocopy machines, such as photostat, ozalid, blueprint, and black and white duplicating machines; performs preventive maintenance on photographic and reproduction equipment, and replaces parts; keeps records of jobs performed.

Similar Name
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  • 34D MOS Army ADPS (Automatic Data Processing Systems) Repairman
  • 33Q MOS Army Electronic Warfare/Intercept Strategic Processing/Storage
  • 39K MOS Army IBM Automatic Data Processing Systems Repairer
  • 52L MOS Army Nuclear Power Plant Process Control Specialist or Operator
  • 25H MOS Army Radar Data Processing Equipment Repairman
  • DP MOS Coast Guard Data Processing Technician
  • 4099 MOS Marine Corps Data Processing Chief
  • 0471 MOS Marine Corps Personnel Retrieval and Processing Specialist
  • 2827 MOS Marine Corps Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Process/Evaluation Systems (TERPES) Technician
Similar MOS
  • 83F MOS Army Offset Pressman
  • 83E MOS Army Photo and Layout Specialist
  • 83Z MOS Army Photolithography Chief
  • 83E MOS Army Platemaker
  • 83F MOS Army Printing and Bindery Specialist