Army Unit Supply SpecialistEnlisted


Job Detail

Supervises or performs duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, accountability, preservation of individual, organizational, installation and expendable supplies.

Receives, inspects, inventories, loads, unloads, segregates, stores, issues, delivers and turns-in organization and installation supplies and equipment; operates unit level computer (ULC); prepares all unit/organizational supply documents; maintains automated supply system for accounting of organizational and installation supplies and equipment; issues and receives small arms; secures and controls weapons and ammunition in security areas; schedules and performs preventive and organizational maintenance on weapons; inspects completed work for accuracy and compliance with established procedures; coordinates supply activities; reviews and annotates changes to unit material condition status report; post transactions to organizational and installation property books and supporting transaction files; determines method of obtaining relief from responsibility for lost, damaged and destroyed supply items; directs supply personnel in establishing supply and inventory control management functions; maintains property under standard property book system (SPBS); reviews daily and monthly records of issues of petroleum products and operating supplies; provides technical assistance to equipment records and parts specialist; assists and advises supply officer and commander.

Supervises development and preparation of operations information, plans, maps, sketches, overlays, and related data to employ supply and service organizations; contributes to staff development and operations of supply support data systems, equipment review, salvage and repair parts supply procedures; performs liaison between staff and supported personnel to improve effectiveness of support activities; conducts inspections and provides technical assistance to the Inspector General.

Analyzes statistical data and reports to ascertain trends, conformance to standard and directives, and efficiency of operations; coordinates logistical activities with other staff elements supply and service, and motor transport units; conducts assistance visits to subordinate elements; develops and executes training programs.

Similar Name
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  • 2514 MOS Marine Corps Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) Operator/Maintainer
  • 2515 MOS Marine Corps Unit Level Circuit Switch Operator/Maintainer
Similar MOS
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